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SMR 241: The Intruder

Hey guys this is a special Spoiled Movie review cross-over with the Mundane Festival. Chris Lamberth had Rod and J-L Cauvin on to discuss The Intruder. As usual we get into some movie talk before the review. Enjoy!



    Jesus Christ, Dennis Quaid was ridiculous in this movie & honestly, I’m kinda glad he went full crazy in this movie. And that eerie as fuck grin that he had, cucking over Meagan Good in that shower scene was crazy. I didn’t like Good’s character, as she just “white girling” for Quaid’s character over & over again. I don’t know how many times I said, “you dumb motherfucker” during her countless moments of obliviousness with that character. Michael Ealy was straight, to say the least. Nothing mind-blowing or bad, he gave a modest performance. The Intruder is pretty much the movie I expect, with a couple of surprises, which I appreciated. I didn’t expect a 65 year old Quaid to put the beats to Ealy late in the film. Then again, Old Man Strength is undefeated. I also liked how the movie ended, not because it just ended, it ended with Quaid screaming like a little bitch, after Good’s character called the cops to tell the authorities that her husband was going to kill him. It was nice cherry on top of a ridiculous movie. I’m glad I saw it & was entertained, quality be damned.

  2. Forest

    Fam, you killing me with these black history QOTD’s. I went to see this movie at the blackest theater in my area and laughed my ass off at all those white ass decisions in this black ass movie. It was glorious.

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