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SMR 242: John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum

Rod and Karen review the latest movie in the John Wick saga “John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback.


  1. Iman

    Hey Rod and Karen,
    So I went back and saw the rest of John Wick, since I fell asleep the first time. Omg I missed so much! Lol smh. It was so good and I recognized those two assassins he fought with his belt! It was such a funny and exciting scene. But I realized that this movie is exhausting! It’s non stop action, you don’t really get a beginning. Because JW2 was the beginning so they start off in a scene that would be the middle of other films. And the fight scenes with Hallie Berry was such a big set that it felt like a climax but it wasn’t even near the end. It had my system all confused. If they do a JW4 they could bring everyone back. Because they don’t actually show Mark Dacascos die out right. And I would like to see him and everyone else in a huge assassin fight.
    Also, I loved the Adjudicator, I liked the dead pan performance that was given by the actor. It made the character seem dangerous.


  2. logan2x1

    Smh at myself. First off I loved this movie and now that Ramadan is over I’ll probably go back and watch it again. But I totally fell asleep near the end when he went back to the hotel after getting out the desert. I was already tired and we went to see a late movie. But once they had a moment of a long conversation I fell right to sleep lol and woke up when Mark Dacascos was dying. And listening to the review I realized I missed a lot! Lol smh. And yes the antique weapons store fight was one of my favorites. LOVED Hallie Berry in this movie, I told my sister I want to see her in more roles like this! I’m tired of seeing crying, scared, sweaty Hallie. She does those roles well, but I loved seeing her like this. Thanks for all the great premium content and hope y’all are enjoying your break. You deserve it!



    John Wick 3 had some pretty inventive kills, man. Wick used books, swords, shrunkens, martial arts & of course, guns. Whatever people throw at him, he just keeps on ticking. Keanu Reeves is no Tom Cruise by no means, but I just admire his commitment to this at his age. Same thing for Halle Berry, who I wished, got a little more screen time. Dogs & Guns never looked so good. Also, I want to give Asia Kate Dillion who’s non-binary in real life & I thought they did a really good job as The Adjucator. At first, I wasn’t sold, cuz I didn’t like their character, but having seen it for a second, I understood the purpose of that character. So I dug it. Mark Dacascos is so good as the main villain, I didn’t want him to die. Almost everybody in his crew was fanboying John Wick. It was amazing. I only have one nit-pick with this movie, because it’s fantastic: What is the point of Lawrence Fishburne in these movies? All his character does is shout thespian-style or cussing drinking from a Fanta bottle. Anyway, bring on that 4th movie.

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    First, as a New Yorker, I have to ask Rod why you are always making fun of us? Second, you are correct Rod, between Wick 2 and Wick 3 killing and shooting at people in the train station, it makes no sense that you don’t get people saying WTF and running.

    Now on to the important ish — John “I put the IM in impossible white man” Wick. This movie was so damn good. Halle Berry, Angelica Houston, Laurence Fishbourne, Lance Reddick, Ian McShane each brought their own special goodness to the film and I loved it. I also love the simplicity of the premise: You Hurt Dog, I Kill Everybody, which makes it so easy for people to join the film series at any point.

    I can’t wait for John Wick 4: Payback, aka Burn these MF’s to the Ground, which will have Neo and Morpheus kicking ass side by side (hopefully).

  5. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    John “Motherfucking” Wick, damn what a movie. The action, fight choreography, extreme high body count…. I love it all. I really like how they are developing this assassin world for us. I’m looking forward Wick and the Bowery King uniting and having a “civil war” against the High Table in #4. I hope they bring back some of the previous characters from the other movies. As long as Keanu is down to continue to make these movies, I’m all in.

    Thanks, peace.

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