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PG 194: Taking My Ball And Going Home

Rod and Justin discuss the changing landscape of political commentary, dem candidates, Rod’s busy work week, YMCA basketball, LHHATL, Game of Thrones, The Chi and listener feedback.

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  1. What’s good rod and Justin

    Hope the week was good to y’all!

    I enjoyed All American, and I’m happy it’s getting a season 2! Tyrese from walking dead is on there!

    Also is it me or does the Jason Mitchell situation remind you of the Martin and Gina situation back in the days!! Only difference Martin ain’t get dropped! This man threw away everything in a blink of an eye! But in the words of queen K “ nobody get cancelled “! I mean he was doing his thing on the show! I love the show, season 1&2, but let’s keep it real, the kids, especially poppa is stealing the show!

    I’ll holla at y’all
    Enjoy the memorial weekend!


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