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PG 194: Taking My Ball And Going Home

Rod and Justin discuss the changing landscape of political commentary, dem candidates, Rod’s busy work week, YMCA basketball, LHHATL, Game of Thrones, The Chi and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen, and J Linda Fairstein,

    I really hope yall had a good time off and didn’t get too roasted in the heat. I’m really surprised it’s June and nobody has said “I’m darker than you” to me but it’s still early in the summer.

    Speaking of heat….Justin, your arms look kinda good. Are you working out? Where are the men? Are these the types of questions a married man should be asking random dudes at a party? Or is it ok if you’re Austrailian and on Housewives of Potomac? And let’s talk about Candiace, I wish I had the pride to spend 100k of my mom’s money on a wedding just to tell her she needs to stay out my business. But her mom was being real messy with that half-brother. I still don’t know what to say about Karen’s wig so I’ll just keep my comments to myself.

    Yall have a great rest of the week.



  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Pre-Game crew,

    Karen, you are absolutely right about buying the tickets with the reserved seating. I replayed that part of the show like four times because I was laughing and could relate. Listen, I’m not rich or nothin, but I refuse to go to a movie theater that doesn’t have reserved seating. If it’s for some BS movie I don’t care about on a Tuesday, than maybe. But opening weekend of ANYTHING, my name needs to be on my seat, and I need to know I can show up 5 min after the trailers start, and I got a place in the building.

    Cracks me up. Thank you for reading my feedback, look forward to listening to the show.


  3. fyahworks

    What’s good rod and Justin

    Hope the week was good to y’all!

    I enjoyed All American, and I’m happy it’s getting a season 2! Tyrese from walking dead is on there!

    Also is it me or does the Jason Mitchell situation remind you of the Martin and Gina situation back in the days!! Only difference Martin ain’t get dropped! This man threw away everything in a blink of an eye! But in the words of queen K “ nobody get cancelled “! I mean he was doing his thing on the show! I love the show, season 1&2, but let’s keep it real, the kids, especially poppa is stealing the show!

    I’ll holla at y’all
    Enjoy the memorial weekend!


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