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1907: McChicken Rage

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Rod and Karen discuss why JozenC was trending on twitter, DJ Khaled suing Billboard, R Kelly gets more charges, Dollar Tree selling alcohol, Pope Francis on abortion, Bill Cosby advises Harvey Weinstein, Kampground employee pulls gun on black people, Lil Nas X Wrangler deal pisses off the whites, Linda Fairstein dropped by her publisher, McChicken Rage, a rude woman, gun shaped cellphone cases and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Shera (Sheer-rah)

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    When you were discussing the New Kewl Pope’s stance on abortion it made me think of people who chose to be childfree. It’s wild to me that people who are so against abortion can also be against the idea of people making the choice to never have children. They may view childfree people as selfish, that they’ll change their mind in the future, or that things will be different once they have their own kids. I’m not an optimist when it comes to outcome of Roe v Wade remaining federal law. There are several states that are making abortion access impossible. I live in f*cking Ohio.
    I know that the two of you do not want children. I’m in my early thirties and recently had surgery to permanently prevent myself from ever becoming pregnant. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t receive pushback from my doctor or immediate family. I know many people who had to go to different doctors or wait years. 18-29-year-old who doesn’t want kids? You’re too young to know that. 18-29-year-old who gets pregnant? Oh well. Deal. It pisses me off because these conservatives are so small government when it comes to their issues, but they are always in everyone else’s business. Ugh. I hope this made sense. Y’all are awesome.

  2. Motorcity Rob

    Karen’s reaction to Rod reading the titles to Jozen’s blogs post had me rolling. I first heard about dude from a Washington Post profile written about him years ago. When I checked out his blog I didn’t see what was supposed to be special about his “advice”. Just seemed like a dude that dated – or fucked – a lot. Not surprised by these turn of events, some people feel that finding the “right” woman will make them change but if your a scumbag now you’ll probably just be a scumbag in a relationship.

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