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BDS 310: Getting To The Money

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency, woman with Melo identified, Lou Williams supports Lebron, Iggy says Mark Jackson is black balled, Jalen McDaniels, NFL girlfriend quits job because of racism, cop lied on Masai and Coco Gauff defeats Venus.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jussel Westbrook,

    Shouts out to the US National Team for winning their 4th overall World Cup and their 2nd consecutive World Cup for beating the breaks off the rest of the world in soccer and that they’ve been on Instagram lit as hell for like the last week. Fucking amazing.

    The men’s national team ain’t shit and honestly are to soccer what the Knicks are to basketball: the sugar grits of their sport. Hate to see it. Speaking of things I hate to see, noted Duke thug and NCAA ITWAN of the year Grayson Allen is tearing it up in the G League slapping the shit outta folks! Folks wanna run Coach Cal out the paint but Coach K gets to let this rank thuggery flourish?

    What do y’all make of Russy and Westbrook’s reunions? Which one of them is more useless without the ball and who will be angrier when the other misses their shots?

    Did this nigga Kawhi really pull a team together like a run at the Y?

    Niggas only y’all! Peace!

  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod possibly Karen, and J Broussard. I swear it is always that nigga that is always wrong with his information. I must say y’all were right nobody knew what Kawhi was going to do. Is crazy to see Westbrook turn into the “Halle Berry” of the NBA. Cause neither of them can keep a partner. I appreciate y’all show peace.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jay Westbrook,

    Now I will say as a Thunder fan. I couldn’t stand that cornbread crumb head KD after he left OKC. But seeing how fans have turned on Westbrook I am disgusted. Now I will say he has his issues but niggas really acting like he subpar. I don’t blame PG for leaving. Also I wonder what a phone conversation with Khawi is like. Do you think PG thought it was a robocall? Also Justin I see a lot of Lakers fans blaming the LeBron and the organization for not getting Kwahi. Whats your take? As always love the show.


  4. fyahworks

    What’s up rod , Queen K, and Joc rivers!

    1) So let’s address the elephant in the room!
    Paul George and doc rivers daughter used to date! Who is now the fiancé of Seth Curry, if I’m not mistaken! But pg cheated on her with a stripper, probably the same stripper he got preggo not once but twice!!!!! Now you playing for the father of your ex! Talk about a story line for the season! Whew Chile! Lol

    2) we not even fully done with free agency and people (espn, fs1) already looking at the 2021 free agency class! Kudos to kawhi on having an exit plan tho! Instead of the 4 years that was reported, he is signing 3 years ,103M, with the third year being an player option!

    3) So I’ve said a few times on this illustrious sports show, I hope Seattle gets an nba team again! And with the thunder looking to tear it all down and start over, now would be the time to just go back to Seattle cuz okc ain’t no free agent destination! With that being said, where you see westbrook ending up? Detroit knicks and heat have been mentioned!

    4) niggaz only – only niggaz

    Have a great weekend


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin

    Addressing the comment I ’m from New Orleans that’s why I’m a Pelicans fan I am a fan of OKC as well because they were in New Orleans for a time. The Woman’s World Cup been lit it’s been a way better cup tournament then the men’s. Lot of niggas been getting paid in the NBA it’s been a joy to watch. Kawhi still ain’t signed no where yet as of this email but all the ESPN, Fox sports and everyone else saying the Lakers failed if they can’t sign Kawhi like they are in trouble or something it’s wild smh. Anyways so far what team has won free agency so far?

    Have a good one
    B Cole

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