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1919: Bruised McRibs

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Rod and Karen discuss some local politics, Illinois expunging weed crime records, Fenty Beauty sued over website accessibility, a new menu option for fry thieves, niceness in relationships, AfroFuture festival controversy, Starbucks kick police out, Biden apologizes finally, McDonald’s manager attacked, man gives woman unexpected facial, Blue Bell copycat and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Iman

    Hey y’all, really enjoyed this episode. Talking about relationships, my husband and I recently had a conversation about our differences, again. He’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert. Over the years he’s learned; that to have me comfortable at parties or events, I’m like Lauryn Hill, and have to align my chakras aligned weeks or at least days ahead. Or I will be unhappy. He’s the type of guy who loves to keep a party going, he thrives off that type of energy. He loves working a room and talking to EVERYONE, while I only need at least one to three people to have a fun conversation with, and him to check on me periodically to see if I’m ready to go. My problem is that I often stretch myself to my limit because I see how much he’s enjoying himself, even if I’m getting drained. Which I have to stop doing. Introverts do like people and can even enjoy a party. But for me at least, certain things just have to be in place.

    Love y’all

  2. CC

    Brother Roderick, Sister Karen
    I’m sorry to say but Tiny Jag is having her white side stand out to much now. It ain’t white people paying twice as the white devil that is her kin said. It’s niggas pay half! A big difference lol Nah man I see why she had to pull out but cmon at least word it so it at least sounds good.
    But still I have question about this scenario. Four years ago I got some tickets to listen to Angela Davis speak at the Swedish Royal Institute of Art. I barely saw a black face in the audience. It was all white University students with rich parents and white people with pull. I was glad she stepped out and talked to all the black women and girls that were waiting outside just to see her because we were few in that audience.
    So fast forward a year and we’re getting Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to speak for us again. So what to do? I mean they aren’t only speaking for or to black people but it feels like black people should be there and not in minority. Since jack couldn’t be done I see the same scenario. Mostly white Uni students that won’t get it and barely any black people.
    It’s weird…How do you handle such a situation? Is it a situation to handle? Because trust me many black women and girls really wanted to listen to them but they aren’t part of this bs system or know people who are so they keep getting shut out from these things.

    Anyway thanks for reading love y’all xoxo

  3. Trey Swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen

    LOL at the cops being asked to leave ! Rod had me lmao saying he was going pull the windows down ,drive slow beside them as they leave and blast “D’Angelo’s -untitled(how does it feel) Mwahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha
    That sounds like perfect payback for any racist person who gets some good instant karma back on them…lol.

    Great discussion on that niceness article you guys talked about- if you try to be a positive person in your life PROTECT YOUR ENERGY at all costs even if it’s family that gets on your nerves!

    And Karen I can’t remember if it was this episode or the next one where you said that great word about your job paying you to come in ,shut the fuck up and do your job – I howled in agreement…lol

    On the nasty ass Ice cream lickers – LOCK THEIR ASSES UP !!! Yeah they probably shouldn’t get 20 years but they damn sure should face some kind of consequences and repercussions for their actions.
    Nasty bastards…lol

    Thanks again Rod and Karen!


  4. FalconsDiva

    Life is my absolute favorite movie!!! I hope you guys get to watch it again.

    Also – Rod I loved your rant on how all people are trash, not just the rich folks. I was sitting at my desk saying ‘Amen!!’

    Love y’all!

  5. Michelle

    Off topic but relevant. A group called the ADOS wants to police Kamala Harris’ blackness because her father is from Jamaica. Obama part 2.

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