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1924: The Squad

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Rod and Karen discuss the Amazon Prime Day Boycott, LGBTQ news, Soulja Boy getting out of jail, ASAP calls Al Sharpton, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    ASAP Rocky is a clown. And I can’t fault anyone for not giving a damn about his plight but on the other hand sometimes it takes incidents like these for people have their awakening and maybe this will change him for the better.

    As for Amazon Prime Day, you can go ahead and call me coon because I was balling online. I’ll just call Al Sharpton if I ever get in trouble because he seems like a forgiving type of guy.

  2. Phil G

    What up fam, you two are the best. I am not sure how to say this the best way but ya boy is tired. I am tired of the 45 stuff, tired of the bots, tired of the hate, I am tired of being tired. We all know we need to get the current president out of office and into a prison, but people act like after that we wont have more issues. No matter who the next person is we have to deal with all of the clean up of the current administration, the hate it has emboldened and so much. I feel people cant see the forest for the tree in front of them. How do keep our energy and have enough to care about the border migrants, police, white supremacist, racism, the economy, ice cream lickers, the attacks from the right, protecting our interest when the left make it hard sometimes, the LGBTQ community, and all these rapist and abusers that are out here. Now when people ask me questions about anything that isn’t a TV show or movie I have seen or want to, I just say I don’t care anymore man. America is a burning dumpster currently that has burnt my energy out almost. I thank you two for lightening up my day, even though you have to take days off now, and I get it. Keep up the greatness Rod and Karen.

  3. JaNica

    LMAO at these snake massages “releasing endorphins.” I wouldn’t be releasing nothing but my bladder. I’ll PASS.

  4. Felix

    Man the thing that always confuses me about some of these anti-LGBTQ laws in places like India and other former British colonies is that when they got control back of the country from Britain and rewrote a bunch of laws, these laws for some reason never get touched. In my home country (zambia), they are still on the books even after all the trouble folks went through to get control back from British colonial officials. So many laws looked at and revised but not this after more than 50 years of independence too. After decades of being taught homosexuality was wrong I guess these prejudices just linger.

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