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PG 201: What Do You Meme?

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss meal kits, cooking, taking pictures with cameras, black people at graduations, podcasting, listener feedback, reality show news and we play a new game.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen, and J Mueller,

    We all are going through some crazy times. When I sit and think about the wild stuff people are saying and doing on a daily basis I imagine how any future documentaries will be embarrassing to watch. You know Ken Burns is going to make a show about the last few years one of these days. What’s worse is every week I have to watch some greasy old man push up on the things I like, I can’t stand it.

    Am I talking about Trump? Hell no. I’m talking about Micheal and Ashley. JUSTIN, you been watching Potomac? Is the prenup that good that Ashley is denying the booty-grab-gate incident? And he grabbed the booty during Monique’s baby shower?! No class. Any time I start to dislike Gizelle she shows up to a party in black leather shorts, she’s wonderful even though she spreads tea around DC. I have another question for the group, if I provide a beverage for a guest inside my house but said house is paid for entirely by my mother…can I throw knives at yall across the dinner table? Justin might have to fill in the backstory but I need to understand the Candice logic.

    Justin, what else has been happening at work? Have you inserted yourself into the argument and told one of your coworkers to go back to their country yet?

    Great shows as always, peace yall,


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