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1938: Steamed

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Rod and Karen discuss new tech at Karen’s job, Nate Parker is back, Puerto Rico governor trouble, Cyntoia Brown gets book deal, Lil Nas X talks about his social media past vs present, Atlanta secures 4th season, bill banning social media tactics, parents giving up custody to game the college admissions system, bride ruins dress, Tay-K gets 55 years, police say anti-bias training kills morale, white supremacist on St Louis police force, Cadillac move after 25 years in BK, St. Louis man admits to sending rejection letters to people with “ghetto” names, That’s Ya’ll Man and White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_Swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen

    Thanks for bringing up people’s weird reactions to “A Black Lady Sketch Show” Rod – I’m like what show are y’all watching. The show was hilarious, historic and original, I absolutely loved it ! Of the course the internet being the internet people have to project their own personal sh*t onto critiquing the show.

    Now of course it’s totally fine if the show just wasn’t someone’s particular cup of tea but a good amount ,not all of the criticism -kind of comes off like some black folks trying to judge another black person’s blackness – which is never gonna end well for anyone lol

    Shouldn’t we all just reserve judging one another’s blackness for shitty ass black republicans lol

    Anyways thanks again Rod and Karen for this long and great episode


  2. Felix

    Oh boy, i hope Nate Parker learned something while he was away. I hate to not support black creatives but the way he handled himself during the Birth of a Nation press stuff was disappointing.

  3. JaNica

    Wait they’re redoing 90210 AGAIN. They already revived in back when I was in high school in 2008. I remember because Mack Wilds was on it. Has a show ever been rebooted twice? Wow

  4. JaNica

    I AM SCREEEEAMING AT THIS WEDDING STORY!!! OMG. I am horrified! Why was she still drinking laxative shakes that close to the wedding? I have so many other questions. I could NEVER. Shoutout to her groom. He must really love her. I hope the marriage lasts.

  5. Jaris Cole

    Dearest Morrows,

    Glad y’all brought up the criticism of A Black Lady Sketch Show. Episode 1, regardless of whether someone related to it or not, was funny as hell. That’s undeniable. I cry laughed and snort laughed throughout the episode and the show sure as hell isn’t FOR me. This whole “a show/movie has to be for me to be funny/good” mentality has gotten old and TIDE.

    Y’all really been on a roll this week. It’s been really impressive listening to you two discuss serious topics, like financial aide (and welfare), while occasionally finding the humor. In these past weeks, this has been especially cathartic for me personally. Thank you so much for this!

    Keep up the great work!

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