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PG 204: Ida Bae Wells

Rod and Justin discuss celebrity culture, Taylor Swift, ICE, Ida B Wells: A Sword Among Lions, YMCA basketball update, LHHH, Basketball Wives, A Black Lady Sketch Show, listener feedback and reality show news.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Jodd Chrisley,

    Did you hear about Todd and Julie Chrisley getting caught up on tax evasion? It’s crazy.

    The daughter is claiming that Todd tried to extort her with a sex tape in order for her to back up the family’s tax lies, and the son just got arrested not too long ago for drug possession. Justin, I know how much you love the reality shows, and I’ve heard you mention Chrisley Knows Best before, so I thought to let y’all know the latest white people tea.

    Looking forward to this week’s episode!



  2. thatdudefromvi

    Thanks for the history lesson, Rod! Learned a lot from your Ida B Wells discussion. I just hope your light-skinned devil of a co-host paid attention. You know us dark niggas can’t trust the lights. Anyways, keep up the greatness. I am legitimately amazed at how you can put out so much good content and do it with such consistency. Kudos!


  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Thank you for the indepth segment on Ida B. Wells. I’m not big on reading non-fiction but you really piqued my interest to learn more about Ida.

    Are you watching the new Netflix documentary called The Family about a covert Christian organization with their fingers in everything. I thought the religious New World Order conspiracy was an exaggeration. Now, I’ve changed my mind. Had to stop watching after episode 3 because it was so upsetting yet illuminating.

    Also watched sketches of A Black Lady Sketch show on YouTube. I was on the floor laughing. So smart and so many levels to the skits. Basic Ball was my favorite because I am a member of The Tired Mom House. Lmao.

    Thanks for putting me on.


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