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1945: Crabs In A Barrel

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Rod and Karen discuss capitalist as an insult, a black feminist writes about call out culture, Uber Eats woman fakes kidnapping, the crab leg bandit, woman torches home after booty call and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Call out culture is the very reason I don’t go on social media as much as I used to because it’s exhausting. Honestly, and this is not to denigrate the work they do, I’ve had to unfollow or mute some of my favorite activists because its always something. If I get excited about trying a new restaurant someone is angry because of who they contribute to, if I want to see a movie there are think piece of why movie is garbage and who should have played what character and why. And if someone’s words are misinterpreted, a hundred people show up in their inbox. And I have to wonder don’t you get tired being so woke. Sometimes I just want to enjoy things without being made to feel guilty about it.
    I admit that sometimes the criticism is warranted but damn, a sista is just out here trying to live.

  2. Ariel

    RE: Underwear & Hygiene

    I went through a months-long period of deep depression where my hygiene was the last thing on my mind. In fact, it felt like a burden. When I was depressed I wouldn’t bathe for several days, oftentimes not for a whole week. I would wear the same clothes, including underwear for three or four days. Many days I wouldn’t brush my teeth at all. It’s been over a year since then and I’m still trying to get my hygiene habits back on track. Before that bout with depression, I wouldn’t even have to think about doing my hygiene routine – it came naturally. But now I have to consciously remember to do it. I still sometimes forget to brush my teeth. I love taking showers but still sometimes find myself not showering for two or three days at a time. Hygiene is a habit, so if you were never taught it or if you stop doing it for a long time, it’s hard to develop that habit or start back up again. On a sidenote, I first realized that hygiene was a “spectrum” when I went to bootcamp six years ago. You get intimately familiar with others’ hygiene (or lack thereof) when you gotta spend two months in the same room as 40 other people.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I loved this episode. So much knowledge dropped about how people act when casting judgement on others, especially in this age of twitter finger activism. I know that I have pulled back from social media because it does warp your mind, your attitude, and your ability to be fully functional. If there is a situation that I am reacting to, I now find myself reading the tweet first and asking if I really need to send that. Surprise, I have yet to find an instance where I ask myself if the tweet should be sent where it has been something that needs to be put out there.

    I also appreciated your discussion abut poverty possibly contributing to people not changing their underwear as often as we deem suitable. I recently found myself in a sandwich store where I encountered a really nice, helpful and friendly employee. This young, black, man had multiple missing teeth. When I left the shop, I thought about the fact that this young man likely grew up poor and without dental care. I thought about how his teeth might hinder his ability to get a job that would pay him a living wage, so he can fix his teeth. I also found myself crying because I thought back to my younger days when we would call someone like this young man who seems so lovely “mush mouth;” “snaggle-tooth;” or “snaggle mouth” and snicker, if not outright laugh. The shame I felt both for this young man and the people from my past, whose only issue was growing up without resources overwhelmed me. I intend for this realization to be the lesson that pops into my mind whenever I find myself judging somebody’s circumstances without knowing their reality. Thank you for looking at a cause other than “nastiness” that could contribute to people not changing their undergarments.

  4. Iman

    Hey Rod & Karen
    Enjoyed this episode, the conversation y’all had about people interacting online reminds me of that Key and Peele skit where they’re texting and Key is putting a combative tone of voice on Peele’s texts. But Peele is keeping it chill. I think About this every time someone tries to start mess with me online. And I with my siblings if we do that to each other, we send each other a clip from that skit.
    And that algorithm bs is so real. I would try to stay out of so many conflicts between my FB friends/family and it would be some of the first post I would see when logging in. So after a while I’d just try to post a funny meme to get folks to chill. Or finally say something. There’s so much out there to be outraged about. But I’m really trying not to engage certain types of people for my own mental health. And not because I don’t care, it just gets me down after awhile.

    Love y’all,

  5. Michelle

    I think the moment when a celebrity/activist becomes a “capitalist” is the moment they become influential enough to cause significant change. The cry of capitalist is an attempt to turn supporters against them.

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