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1954: Rod Joins The NFL Boycott

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod joining the NFL boycott, Nicki Minaj retiring, Kroger no longer allowing guns, Tyler Perry sending supplies to the Bahamas, couple spends money from bank error, Adele Lim leaves Crazy Rich Asians sequel, rooster kills woman, Sacramento pays family of Stephon Clark, Dean of students resigns at Alabama, Papa John gives money to HBCU, church fight ends in shooting, Stop Snitch’n guy arrested, woman tries to pose as daughter to avoid DUI and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Regarding Ms. Lim leaving as a co-writer for the follow-up to Crazy Rich Asians. I respect and understand Ms. Liam’s decision to walk away. Had Ms. Lim taken her white, male co-writer up on his offer to share his salary, she would have become the poster child for every irrational white person who believes equity for women and/or non-white people is a form of oppression for them. They would have invoked her name to show how a white man lost out monetarily so that this Asian Woman could “feel equal.” They would never look at the real issue: a corporation run by multimillionaires refused to pay Ms. Lim for her talent and the cultural value she brought to the writer’s room (as she correctly did). They will just point out that the company returned to the table while omitting that the new offer was not from the company, but from a decent co-worker.

    As for Papa John’s have you seen the new commercials designed to bring back black customers with Shaq? He now owns a franchise and is extolling the virtues of Papa John’s.

    FYI: An Arby’s opened in my mother neighborhood in the Bronx three months ago. I was dumbstruck by the sight of an Arby’s in a non-white neighborhood, and stupefied that Arby’s thought opening a restaurant on the same block with a Popeye’s and a local pizza shop was a good idea. Needless to say, when I drove past the location last week, I saw that Arby’s was no longer in business.

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