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TTM 59: Strangers

Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    10/02/2019 at 10:07 AM

    Tried to leave this comment 3 times on the site, my bad if it’s a repeat

    I’m so glad you guys are back at it, since at least ONE of the shows you talk about in public came back (*side-eyes Insecure and Atlanta*). I really will try to keep this short… [edit: it didn’t work.]

    From the first Episode:
    -Malik mentioned that his daughter was “special” when he talked to the Chop Shop Guy about how much it would cost to put her in school. That with the cost of tuition made me think that he meant she had “special needs” and would require an education that was specifically for that, which IS really expensive. …But I ain’t nobody’s mama so I don’t know how much the school systems are getting from folks nowadays.

    -Rebecca’s dad is a real asshole. He hides behind his wife’s openly rude attitude and lets her be “the bad guy” while he comes off as an easy-going cool dude who saves the day. He played Rebecca’s hero in her life, meanwhile, he thinks the SAME SHIT her mom does and couches his actions that expose it as a gaffe. Finding out at the end of the episode that he ALSO didn’t think Jack was good enough for his daughter meant that he was being deliberately malicious by immediately bringing up the war that he KNEW traumatized that young man. He didn’t even lead the conversation into it naturally. I can’t remember if Rebecca’s dad was even alive after the kids were young, but I remember her mom at least coming through and stereotyping Randall (gifted him a basketball or something). Maybe the dad was actually called out on his shit before they even had the kids or got married and just stayed away to be an asshole in a corner somewhere.

    From the 2nd episode:
    -I want the show to give me good reasons for ANYbody to have fucked with Kevin from the ages of 7-35. Kevin was constantly a little turd monster to his family and they just dealt with him shitting on everything. He’s lucky he got Jack and Rebecca as parents, cuz that child there would have made my household go down to twins. I would’ve tracked down the firefighter that dropped Randall off at the hospital and brought 7-year-old Kevin to him like “Did you wanna try a white one?” But not Jack Pearson! Jack gave so much solid life advice and comforting talks and Kevin’s hateful little self immediately shelved them for a couple of decades. If Jack hadn’t had the type of trauma from the war that he did, maybe Kevin would’ve been sent to boot camp since nothing else was working. I’m glad grown Kevin was worth a damn eventually, but I don’t know how he made it with his family still talking to him.

    Thanks y’all!


  2. This was an outstanding episode (the podcast, NOT This Is Us). I thought early on that that was going to be Toby’s son, but what threw me off was that it would have to be the year 2045 and yet nothing was futuristic at all. Your commentaries were hilarious and completely spot on. I actually felt like this might have been my least favorite episode of the show so far. Dark Knight Forever!

  3. I haven’t watched the new episode of “This is US” yet but, I am so excited to see Bassey was able schedule in the time to do this recap episode. I just want to take the time to say thank you. Of course, i’m always grateful for the content provided by Rod and Karen but, Bassey, knowing how busy your life must be lately just gave me some motivation to push through my own hectic schedule. Thank you both so much for giving me something to look forward too.

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