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SMR 263: Terminator: Dark Fate

Rod and Karen review the latest sequel to the Terminator franchise, “Terminator: Dark Fate.” We also discuss the line on Thursdays at AMC, trailers and your feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello TBGWT Premium Fam!

    I just recently saw the first Maleficent within the last couple of months and loved it, so when I heard a new one was coming out, I made it required viewing for my husband and I. I loved it!! I know it’s Disney at it’s Disney-est, but I really didn’t have a problem with it. It’s made for kids, and it felt like it. But between Angelina and Michelle Preiffer, the movie is worth the watch. The princess and the little boy are side characters (AS THEY SHOULD BE), and I loved it. I’ll watch it again with my daughter with surround sound and some popcorn.

    Speaking of my daughter, we recently went out of town on an overnight trip to go visit a friend of mine, and we needed to watch something kid-friendly. I saw ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ was on Netflix so I watched it. It was a beautiful story, and even after listening to the SMR about it, I was still interested to see the story play out on screen. My daughter loved it, and that’s all I really want out of Disney: some movies that I can watch and make memories of with my daughter and family. This was nobody’s ‘Black Panther,’ nor should it have been or ever have been expected to be. Disney gets all my monies.

    Now would I like to see a princess of color on screen, in the Disney cannon, that’s NOT retarded or in ancient times?? Of COURSE!! But I trust that Disney will get there. And not because they are so ‘woke,’ but because they want all of OUR MONEY.

    Anyway, thank you for the great content. I just wanted to share that even your old reviews matter, and definitely help me filter my entertainment and make some choices that I otherwise would not make. Can’t wait to hear from you all soon!

    BTW Rod, your solo reviews are great! They are entertaining, even with me knowing that I’ll likely skip out on the movies you’re discussing. Don’t hesitate to get behind the mic and spit some jokes!

    Ok that’s long enough lol. Have a good one!

    Very Respectfully,

  2. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod and Karen, I was here for the mfing action. I was happy that this movie made me forget the other trash terminator movies. Off to see Harriett


    It sucks that I didn’t like this movie more. It pretty much does most things right, except for one glaring issue this franchise has had since T2 ended in 1991: It relies too heavily on the backs of the first two movies. I get it, Dark Fate is the successor to Judgment Day, leaving the otherwise decent Rise of the Machines to two really, really bad flicks in Salvation & Genisys. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much a lot of too little, too late here. I honestly felt it was a ibit too call back heavy for my taste. I liked Linda Hamilton, MacKenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Gabriel Luna here. The setpieces are actually good, as long as you can get over the shitton of CGI. It’s even funny, at times. I just didn’t care, once it was over. It could’ve been a great movie, but it’s merely just a decent film, imo.

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I liked Terminator Dark Fate, but I didn’t love it. First, it was too long. They could have cut a smooth twenty minutes from the film. I mean when Arnold and company left his house that we knew the new Terminator was coming to, did we need to see new guy going there? We already knew the house would be empty and he would be on the trail of our heroes. Second, I too peeped that non-white people, specifically black people do not fair well in this universe. I mean our bodies have been sacrificed since T2 when they killed Olivia’s daddy and the lieutenant from Law & Order. Third, the biggest issue I had with the film was as you and Karen pointed out, Gabriel Luna didn’t work as the Terminator, I felt a threat from his abilities, but not him, which was not the case with Arnold and Robert Patrick from T2. Just as is the case with Linda Hamilton as Sarah, you need the right actor to convey the needed menace of The Terminator.

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