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SMR 268: Midsommar

Rod and Justin review the mysterious horror movie Midsommar.



    I don’t get this Ari Aster dude & the fascination with Midsommar & Hereditary. I just don’t. That being said, I’m glad I don’t, because this film is a steaming turd filled with other steaming turd sequences. I notice the effort by Florence Pugh, Will Poulter & William Jackson Harper, but effort can only take you so far. The whole 90 year tradition thing & 70 year olds dying was hella stupid. Just stupid. I don’t mind smart horror movies, I just like non-pretentious ones that don’t stick their thumb in my face, telling me this is what we need to watch. Nah bruh, this shit is just stupid on all counts. It’s unintentionally funny, too, which is also not a good sign. It looks nice, so I’ll give Ari that, but fuck this movie.

  2. Rigo1819

    I hadn’t thought about it before, but yeah the movie could have started on the airplane. The relationship seemed less important than these crazy folks.

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