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TTM 63: A Hell Of A Week: Part One

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Basi,

    Love you guys, of course, wanted to give quick comments on the past two episodes (Randal & Kevin).

    Randall’s episode was really good because it was actually suspenseful. You never really knew what was going to happen next, and that scene with Omar Epps…PERFECTION. Still pissed that this nigga won’t go to therapy.

    Kevin’s episode was predictable and kinda weird because I thought the goal of the episode was the give us a real backstory on him and Sophie and show us why he won’t let her ass go, BUT it looked like there was more of an emotional connection with Sophie’s mom than Sophie herself. Just my opinion. I knew Sophie wasn’t going to leave her stable relationship to be whisked off by Kevin for a third time. Wasn’t surprised to see Kate’s bff at the door when Kevin came by. They’re relationship is going to be weird and disjointed because I don’t think they make a good couple, but they’ll probably try to force once she pops up pregnant.

    As far as Kate’s episode, I can tell that it is going to be about the grease ball bf. Based on episodes, I can tell he’s abusive. If not physically, definitely emotionally and mentally, and as a Domestic Violence Survivor, I’m curious to see how they’re going to tell this story.

    Those are my thoughts. Continue to be great guys,


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I can’t believe they spent an hour trying to prove how great Sophie is and all the accomplished was make me hate her more. She’s super basic. I hope her character gets killed off. Team Madison.


  3. Anonymous

    Greetings, Sister Bassey and Brother Rod!

    Let me first give honor to God, from whom all our blessings flow! We thought He had forsaken us, and left our interest in Kevin’s love life for dead. Instead, He has made a way out of Sophie being IN our way! Bless His name! Won’t He do it?!

    Whew! The absolute relief in my heart when Madison answered Kate’s door and my prayers at the same damn time is akin to what I imagine it feels like when people pay off their student loan debt.

    I spent most of the episode with my arms folded. The times they weren’t folded was because I was clapping and yelling out “I. DON’T. CARE! ”

    I cared more about Sophie’s mom than about anything with Sophie herself. Everybody at the funeral must have felt the same, because NOBODY called this bitch after she ran away with Kevin, INCLUDING her husband (who we never see and she might have made up)! It’s not like she had Kevin take her back because so many people were concerned about her. Nobody was concerned about this woman’s only child disappearing for hours after her funeral? Hell, Hall Pass Lady’s husband was blowing her phone up when HE thought Kevin was fucking his wife. Sophie runs off from a hand and house full of people with Kevin, who is her movie star ex-husband, after an emotionally charged day and it’s CRICKETS from her man and everyone who knows her.

    And yeah, it’s probably because we weren’t following Sophie after this so it would be pointless to have that extra element if they won’t follow-up on it, but I’ll just take it as a sign of how much nobody but Kevin sees it for her. Her own mom tried to tell Kevin not to settle for Sophie’s ass. Ugh.

    I also wanted to point out that in the Randall episode, college Randall made a snarky comment to Beth about group therapy being a bunch of people sharing their life stories with strangers… as if that isn’t a third of what being a Pearson is about. Right along with keeping secrets from the other Pearsons and denying whatever problem is right in front of their face.

    Thanks for reviewing the show! Love you guys,

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    Happy New Year and Black History Month!

    I am going to dive right in…

    Randall – I get how protective he is when it comes to Rebecca, I get it but I hate the way he treated Miguel. I was annoyed that he tried to blame Miguel for not seeing the signs that Rebecca is having memory loss issues. I guess I am just over him and Kevin treating Miguel; it’s like season four or five (I forget) and Miguel is deeply in love with Rebecca and will do anything for her so they both need to stop it. Anyway, the young actor who plays teen Randall needs to get nominated next awards season because he is really acting his ass off; he is my new favorite Randall.

    Jack – the only thing I have to say about Jack is I did not like the way he told baby Randall to go back to bed that because baby Kevin and Kate are handfuls that Randall couldn’t be a handful too. I think that was the beginning of when Randall felt he couldn’t be “not perfect” because his dad needs him to be the perfect one out of the three. I could be projecting but I did not like it.

    Kevin – John Legend really? He was doing too much. I was really hoping that the Spohie encounter would be brief and not end with them back together; so I was pleased when they did not end up together. I really enjoyed this Kevin episode, a great back story regarding Sophie’s mom. I really wish we saw more of the mom, she was a fun character. I’m fine with Kevin sleeping with Madison, it makes sense to me.

    Kate – I got nothing…her and Toby will be ok or they won’t…I’m ok with that.

    Love you guys (and Karen).


  5. Anonymous

    Hey Rod and Bassey! I’m writing as soon as possible this week b/c the last two episodes ya’ll did the review before I could comment! LOL! I enjoyed Kevin’s episode and I will say I had a feeling about the twist that occurred on who was in his bed because they keep showing him interacting with her. I believe Kevin will still end up with Sophie though. I was hoping this episode would help me figure out WHY she is such the big, must-have, love of his life. It didn’t. I didn’t see her do anything in the past in this episode that would cause me to think that she’s “the one”. I absolutely LOVED Sophie’s mom though and since the theme has constantly been how Kevin’s been kinda “left out” of the Pearson clan since Kate and Jack were tight and Rebecca and Randall were tight, I can see why he’d like hanging over at Sophie’s house. What I did feel in this episode is how BADLY Kevin wants Sophie to be his great love and Justin Hartley is such a good actor that him wanting to be with Sophie so badly made me want them to be together so he’d be happy. I’m predicting that she will make a comeback with that ring and they will get back together again.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Bassey and Rod!

    I’m so excited to get my email in this week.

    Welllll now. The show writers looked us dead in the face and said”oh ye of little faith” this week. I. was. outdone. That first 50 minutes with Kevin was just a long period of me trying not to roll my eyes and get on board with the obvious ship. BUT THEN, the writers stepped in like champs and said not today, A Million Little Things SatanEmojiEmojiEmoji! I checked the hashtag after I watched the show, and, as predicted, there is a huge milquetoast following for #Kophie, and they were BIG MAD. I haven’t seen them this upset since my girl Zoey was on the scene. I mean they were treating Maddy like the good sis Meghan Markle. “She’s annoying! She’s needy! Why is she in the way of our ship?!” Even People magazine had an article talking about “the episode raises even more questions about Kevin’s fiancee.” Does it, or are y’all really not willing to let Sophie be happy with the fiance she chose twice. Y’all, they high key don’t think much of Kevin if they were willing to have him sleep with ANOTHER committed woman because of a fairytale love affair that the show still hasn’t shown *TO ME.* I mean really, Kevin had more chemistry with Sophie’s mama than with her. It they do try to pull the okie doke and untwist the plot twist as the Kophie shippers are suggesting? Whew, chile they better not!

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week to see just how many fades that grease ball Kate was dating deserved and whether college-aged Randall and Kevin delivered them. I also hope everybody gets to the cabin and comes to the conclusion that they all need therapy. Maybe they can invite one up and make it a retreat. That’s all I have. Have a great show!


  7. Anonymous

    It’s Madison ,thank god !! So glad if I had to endure a full episode about Sophie it ends that way with some other women in bed with Kevin lol.

    WON’T HE DO IT!!!

    So glad it was Madison lol thanks again Rod and Bassey !


  8. Anonymous

    Hey you two,

    Over all the episode was ok. I like seeing episodes from multiple viewpoints but I really didn’t want to see whole scenes from the previous episode. Anywho, I am just thankful he didn’t sleep with Sophie. It feels like he definitely held himself back from jumping her bones which was smart. I can’t predict Kate’s reaction when she finds out about Kevin and Madison, I just hope new Kate takes it better than old over reacting Kate. I do think Sophie will randomly show up trying to propose to Kevin. I hope not though. Young Kevin’s relationship with Sophie’s mom seems like she gave him that 20% of parenting he wanted from Rebecca. He wanted to be cherished and supported more than what he was already receiving. He was so self centered as a kid. I am happy they didn’t do more scenes with Sophie’s mama because she seemed like a piece of work. I look forward to see how Trash Toby is about to be. Congratulations again on the book Bassey and great Medium article Rod.


  9. Anonymous

    I agree that the burglar in that episode was real, but I do think something felt off about the earrings and cuff links going missing. I don’t think the guy made it upstairs. I think things are gonna continue going missing, and there’ll be a whole thing about suspecting Deja or Malik or something. But my best guess is Annie. She’s coping with all the change in her life by saving mementos of all her loved ones in case they suddenly go away.

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