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2034: Trying To Help

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Rod and Karen discuss white supremacist politics, the reaction to Kobe Bryant’s death, Lena Waithe, Terry Crews apologizes to Gabby Union, TI apologizes to his daughters, Popeye’s clothes, Monique Pressley, David Schwimmer, Ellen Degeneres surprise scholarship, PETA ad and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Michelle

    I’m Trinidadian. There is nothing special about dreadlocks that represent the culture there. The Rastafarian movement originated in Jamaica. I doubt the student wearing the dreads is a Rasta. It was simply his choice of hairstyle which he is entitled to make. The school seemed to change the rules for no reason. I know this detail makes no difference in the school’s decision to suspend the student for his hairstyle. But I felt like being one of those people today. Sorry.

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