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2049: Within Reason

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Rod and Karen discuss being a part of an online community built on hating something, Pop Smoke dying, Blac Youngsta pulls gun on crowd, primary politics, Real ID deadline, Badussy sells out in 19 minutes, a free birth tragedy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    The part about communities being built on hate spoke to me . I used to spend a lot of my time reading comments on lipstick alley to the point where I would actively seek out threads about people I didn’t particularly care for. It just got to a point where I finally realized there was really nothing positive about that site and even though I never posted anything it was consuming too much of my time and I also realized that it was giving me a certain high to read these comments but not a good kind of high especially when I knew these people who posted so much shit would never say their target’s face. I stopped visiting that site and have been so much happier.

  2. MizzBarnes72

    When Social Media goes wrong! I hope that poor woman gets the therapy that she needs. She lost her child AND her privacy was violated by the very people that she trusted. I hope that by putting her story out there, that women like her, get the montoring that is needed for pregnancy. As Karen stated, NO TWO PREGNANCIES are alike!!!! That cannot be said enough. My best friend and I were pregnant at the same time and while I was very fortunate to have a uncomplicated pregnancy, my best friend was in the hospital for 8 out of the 9 months that she was pregnant. Basically, her body turned against her and it was a miracle that she delivered, even though she was a little premie, she made it. I went a week over with my son and had a c-section delivering a 9 lb 2 oz baby boy. But best believe, I stayed faithful to my doctors appts and I was fortunate enough to work at the hospital at the time I was pregnant. All they had to do was wheel me up to the 4th floor to deliver. It cannot be said enough, you have to be monitored while pregnant with a medical professional.

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