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2060: Olive Garden CSI

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Rod and Karen creating backwards, Coronavirus updates, Gayle King talks about Kobe backlash, DaBaby Apologizes for slapping woman at his concert, Lil Baby concert shooting, Pras arrested, Netflix comedy festival, PBS vs Tavis Smiley, Virginia legislative wins, Olive Garden racism, racist recruiter, principal wants pics of prom fits, YouTube beauty influencer hit child, man kills dog and Sword Hatchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Ralph Northam moonwalked so all Virginians could be free

  2. katrese206

    I graduated from high school in 2000. Around that time, girls were starting to get their prom dresses hand made. At that time, it was a bit shocking when a lot of them showed up w/ cut outs & two-piece dresses because those weren’t the “traditional” & store bought styles. I didn’t find any of those things to be inappropriate… but, after 2000, there was a culture that formed around bashing the hand made dresses, especially the more revealing ones. It was usually perceived as girls trying to be “fast” or “grown.” Add that to stereotypes & fears of prom night itself; where it’s assumed that the kids will try or that the night is supposed to end w/ sex… so, then the girls w/ the traditional dresses are deemed “innocent” & “pure.” To me, it was just rebellion & a celebration of overdue freedom.

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