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SMR 293: Parasite

Rod gives a solo review of the Oscar winning film “Parasite.”


  1. Hi Rod,’
    Thanks for reviewing this movie! Really glad this movie got its due and it’s cool that because of this film S. Korea is trying to change housing regulations for poorer families. The change in the feeling of the film is why I love Korean films, I jumped when the original housekeeper’s husband creeped out of the basement. When he first scared the son. I think people can judge acting from other languages, if you watch Korean dramas like I do, bad acting is kind of universal lol

    • I pressed Post before I was done. Face palm.
      I agree with you that it reminded me of a Jordan Peele movie. I also agree that there was no villain in this film. Everyone had something about them that was a bit unscrupulous, or at least annoying. I felt it was trying to show how poverty can change or push people to their most desperate a base instincts.


  2. Thanks Rod for finally reviewing this movie. I agree with your nuance thoughts.

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