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TBGWT Will Return June 8th

Hey guys,

As we mentioned on the show we’d be taking a break after our last recap of Game of Thrones and well, we’re sticking to it. We will be back with regular shows on June 8th. We will be dropping a few premium shows here and there with Balls Deep, The Nerd Off and The Pregame returning later this week. If you’re really fiending for us you can check out our guest appearance on TV Madness with MeKeisha Madden Toby: Click Here!

You can also check out our vast archive of free episodes on our website or go premium and check out the myriad of shows there. We’ll see you Saturday!

Upgrade Your Drip With TBGWT

A great way to support The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast while looking fly is by purchasing some of our gear at our TeePublic Merch Store. There are tons of great items in the store such as hoodies, t-shirts, notebooks, mugs, pillows and much more. Items are also fully customizable and come in a variety of sizes. This is a great way to spread the word, meet new fans and celebrate our podcast.

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The Black Guy Who Tips Live Show Information

Well guys the day is upon us. Let’s go over a few things. The live show is going to start at 7pm sharp at the Blumenthal Performing Arts in the Booth Play House. I’d suggest arriving a little early to give yourself time to park in one of the decks. The best way to make it to the Booth Play House theater is to head to Founders Hall Level 2.

If you need driving directions they can be found here: Driving Directions

The event page also has driving and parking directions at this link

You can also get a parking pass for the event. It cuts the parking cost to $5. Check it out here: Parking Pass

VIP Meet And Greet

The VIP Meet and Greet will start at 5pm and end around 6:30 PM. It will take place in the upstairs lobby of the Booth Play House.

We will be signing posters for VIPs and you’re welcome to take a picture with us as well. If you have anything you want to give us you can leave it with the ushers or at the ticket desks. They’ll make sure it gets to us.

The show will start at 7 with Chris Lamberth doing stand up and then we’ll come out and do the podcast.  We should be done by 9pm. We will have free stickers and a place for people to take pictures of themselves and with other fans.

Then venue serves alcohol and has snacks. No outside alcohol is allowed on the premises. There are also plenty of restaurants in the area for meals before or after the show.

We can’t wait to see you guys there.


Rod and Karen


Podomatic Having Issues With Podcast Apps

I know everyone is enjoying the circus but you may have noticed that our free podcast isn’t working on some of your podcast apps. This is because Podomatic is having an issue with their site communicating with iTunes and other podcast feed catchers. Podomatic is aware of the issue and working on it. I don’t have an eta on when it will be resolved.

But fear not! There are a couple work arounds at the moment.

1. You can listen via our website for free. Go to an episode (not premium) and look beneath the poll for the episode. You can play it, stream it or download it right from our site.

2. Podomatic’s website is working. So that means you can stream the podcast from Podomatic on our site via the player for the last 10 episodes.

3. Podomatic has an app. You can download their app on your phone and stream episodes right from your phone.

There you have it. I’ll send out another missive when I am informed that Podomatic has fixed the issue.

Website Technical Issues Update

Hey Guys,

I have contacted our webhost and they’re currently restoring the website from a back up. Because this site has so much audio content this process could take a while. I’ll let you know soon as it’s done. Hopefully that will fix whatever the hell went wrong in the last two days.

In the meantime if you’re premium the RSS feeds still work and are being updated. You can email me if you need the RSS Feed link, username and password. Hopefully this will be resolved soon and I’ll update you when things are working again.

Website Log In Issues

Dear listener,

There is an issue with our site at the moment not letting people log into their accounts. I’m working on it and have submitted a ticket to our website host to see if they can fix it. In the meantime the RSS feed should still be working for all premium people.  And I’ll post another message on here when the issue is resolved.

Guest Spots And Premium Password Change

Hey guys hope you’ve enjoyed the small vacation we had as much as we did. Well we’ve still stayed busy doing guest spots and what not. I’ll list those below.You can also find these podcasts on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from by searching the name.

Also we have to change the premium password to keep people honest out there. If you’re a premium member go to the PREMIUM PAGE and scroll to the bottom to see the new password in blue.

Now let’s list those guest spots.

Karen was on Chris Lamberth’s podcast the Mundane Festival. You can listen to it here.

Rod was on the MTR Network Super Tuesday Recap shows for The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow last week.

That’s all for now folks. As always holler at me if you have any questions by emailing [email protected]

Premium RSS Feed Password Changed, Guest Spot And TBGWT Live!

Hey guys it’s about that time again. We have to change the premium password for the RSSFeeds to keep folks honest. If you’re premium just log into your account and go to the bottom of the Premium Page to see the new password in blue.

We were on Three Guys On episode 359: Rod And Karen

Also you can watch our Live episode of TBGWT that we did at Negrocon in Washington, D.C.

Good News! The Old Premium Feeds Are Working Now

At this moment it’s 3am on a Monday morning and the premium feeds are all working again. I’m still going to keep that secondary feed up for now just in case we ever need it again. At least now we know we have a temporary work around in the event of something like this in the future.

I appreciate your patients in this matter and hopefully nothing goes wrong in the near future with the premium feed. I’m still working on some other solutions in the background so we can stop using a third party RSS Feed provider at all but that’s a crisis for another day.

We love ya’ll and thank you for supporting us.

Premium RSS Feed Fix (Kinda)

Okay so if you’re a premium subscriber I had created a new feed for the premium podcasts since 5/2/16. The login information is still the same. This fix is hopefully only temporary until my RSS Feed host gets back to me. If not I’ll have my work cut out for me rebuilding these podcast feeds from scratch. All the options I tried with wordpress plugins didn’t work with the password protection. It just kept rejected any log in attempts and saying “Unauthorized.” If someone knows how to fix this you can hit me up and let me know since I don’t know anything about coding.

Anyways here is the new RSS Feed: RSS Feed For Premium Shows Since 5/2/16 just use the same method you used to do the other RSS Feeds in your apps. Same password and everything. I hope this solves everyone’s problems temporarily since I know how inconvenient it is to be without your automatically uploaded podcasts on the go.

Love you guys and thank you for your support. I’m still working behind the scenes to find a better resolution as well.

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