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  1. SayDatAgain

    I agree with you on number 2. It is more questions than on a tax form. I ain't trying to have sex with you gas pump I just want some of your services. Ha!

  2. KissMy_Ash

    oh & #11 is my fav

  3. KissMy_Ash

    Looky here sir!! Bruno is not saying he would catch s grenade for you just to get ur number or for him to get a chance to get in ur panties!! He's saying I would catch a grenade for you but u won't do the same thing for me. You see he already has the girl and he loves her unconditionally and he's just not getting the same treatment & he's telling her how much it hurts. You're the 50th guy who has called Bruno out for this supposed "pick up line" and you guys don't listen to the dang song! Thank you very much:)

  4. Nichols Accomp

    Number 9 man.. Hahaahhaahahhahhahhhaaaaaaa!!!!

  5. reefinyateef

    Cosign on the Lox, especially the "We Are The Streets" album.

  6. tgriff13

    Funny shit! Especially #'s 7-12 ! *wipes tears from laughing*

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