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April Jewels Day

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  1. blackbrolly

    Joe Budden isn't even relevant IMO. His flow is average New york stuff

  2. Delphrano Fleming

    "we have no idea how good this parking space was", nigga..this shit is hilarious.

    in reference to the homeless: don't the homeless niggas usually stall out in the same spot? i'm like this…i may give a dollar or some shit, one time…if i recognize the maufucka again, whether it be the next day…next month..whatever, it's a wrap! they ain't gettin' another dime from me..them niggas ain't on my payroll..the most they gonna get from me after that is…advice.
    Now..i ain't totally hard (pause)…after the New Year, i'll come out the pocket again…but that's it.

    that Jason X shit was funny…it didn't click in until a few seconds, but i got it.

    anyways…i'm out! *bamf*

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