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171: Ratchetball “Wives” and Single Ladies

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  1. More & Again

    Don't ask me how I know, but lawsuits are definitely more than one page. Even if there's only one complaint in the suit.lol

  2. People's Critic

    Do we have a vote for neither? How many years until Shaq stumbles onto one of those shows? 4?8?10 months? I give him less than a calendar year before we see him and his girl Nikki.

  3. Reggie

    At least Ratchetball "Wives" aren't parading around as actresses.

    Besides, Jennifer on RW is the best actress of them all. Pretending she was into that dude with ashy joints and the fucked up grill this WHOLE TIME?! Somebody run her an OSCAR! Halle Berry should give up hers.

  4. ANON

    the new girl whose engagement was broken up by Stacy Dash was LAUREN LONDON… Lil Waynes BABY MOMMA….ROD GET YOUR BABY MOMMA ROLL CALL UP MAN!!!!

  5. ANON

    ROD that angry balck women who blackmailed LisaRaye was KIM PORTER…PUFF DADDY'S BABY MOMMA!!!!!

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