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176: Beggars Can’t Be Lazy

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  1. Mistabill

    That question your white friends asked you is a non-starter. Seriously if a man had a Million dollars to spend on that, they could do better. Probably get someone experienced, who wouldn't cry the whole time.

  2. Clovasaurus

    LOL, I totally camped out in front of an electronic store trying to get in on the ps3, they where selling on ebay for like 14k. I did it to flip it. While we where in line we almost got into it with some ratchet dudes trying to jump the line, things got heated a little bit. the next morning a dude offered me and my friend $1000 each for our spots in line. Greed got the best of us and we declined. Once i got my hands on the ps3 my buddy's ebay account was banned for not adhearing to new ps3 policy. Finally i had to return it and simply get my money back… nothing but headaches, never again!

  3. blackbrolly

    I say yes, but only if she can fight. If she can't fight. She should at least find a weapon for her man to get the upper hand. That's assuming if he is losing. If she can fight, and sits out while i'm getting my ass beat. that means she doesn't care about my welfare. I'll be the first to let her go.

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