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14 Random Thoughts On The 4th Of July

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  1. Montoyis

    I'm with you, Rod. Degrees are overatted. Microwave it.

  2. ANON


    Alexander Oneal DID Smoke his teeth OUT after Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis REFUSED to work with him because he REFUSED to go to REHAB for the second/third time —- SMOKIN’ CRACK on a REGULAR = NO TEETH BABY!!!! OH and did you know Price put him out of the TIME (Morris Day) because he wanted Cash for singing instead of random parts in Purple Rain!!!!

    RESEARCH: TV ONE UNSUNG…best show ever!!!

  3. Jose

    Calvin is a successful business man that owns a McDowells in Queens, NY.

  4. Corbin Macklin

    Rod you are a comedic genius! I had a good laugh at the one about remotely arming the car. Your racist comedy is very Chappelle like and I been sayin on Twitter you niggers should have a late night TV show… long as yall keep creative control… Just don't go to Africa and come back turning down money and fame LOL

  5. Johanna

    #7 is my fav. Its hard not to hate him…

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