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201: P*ssy Falling From The Sky

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    OK, u guys need to get some dog collars for peta. And some hats in the store. Got to have that. I got all kinds of hats.

  2. Gabby

    Rod…the whole bacon thing is about the old school wisdom of not eating undercooked bacon because of the whole trich (worms) issue. Due to factory farming, we rarely have that issue of worms in pork anymore. But, I admit, when I see a pork chop with a slightly pink center, it freaks me out like undercooked chicken. Ha! Yeah, I'm a country lil gal who was raised in the city. 🙂

  3. Tabitha aka Solglo

    Thank God i've never had a nasty roommate. My best friend on the other hand has had the worst luck. Her first college roommate fucked on her bed and the dude left her bed smelling like cheesy ass (yes, he was a cheese eater). And her second college roommate had nasty flea infested cats, she ended up catching fleas and those joint we jumping off of her in class.

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