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206: A Sesame Street Divided

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  1. Gaby

    Heard the comments about tipping….Ok, here is the flip side, and I had this argument with my best friend who is A.A. and serious about his tipping…sigh.

    If I am super broke, I will still tip, but I will tip the 15-20% of what I purchased. If all I can afford is coffee and a bagel, I will tip a $1, which is usually 20% or more of my bill. My friend will trip the heck out and get all upset…We have had arguments cause he is so focused on how he is being perceived by the restaurant, (he has more $$ than me, really into very expensive fashion, etc.) and how much I tip, rather than realize that 1) I did pay the decent 15-20% percent recommended, and 2) if I am so broke I can only get a cup of coffee while you chow down on a huge breakfast, then maybe look at the bigger picture of a friend in need.

    So, I do tip decently, but if I am on a budget, I refuse to pay for every body else's expensive drinks and seafood and whatnot, while I only had a side salad and filled up on the free bread….

    Sorry, this is a touchy topic for me at times…..

  2. Gaby

    Aw, no struggle food? But, what if the struggle food actually looks good? I make a mean beans and rice dish and it is both good AND struggle food, cause beans and rice go a long way and help to keep a grown, hard working man full and satiated (i.e. satisfied food wise).

    Now, fritos stir fry, I agree, is not struggle food, just kind of odd. But what about ramen noodles, minus the seasoning packet, mixed with super tender, boneless rib tips and a tiny bit of barbecue sauce….a super yummy beefy bbq pasta dish….

    So, if the struggle food looks good, can we then submit it? Heck, most of my food IS struggle food as I cook it and it is meant to feed me for a few days. 🙂 And no, it isn't expensive or snooty…just real and down to earth…

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