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212: The Theory Of Ratchetivity

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  1. Marshall

    Update on my client's weekly trips to Green Bay. She said that business was slow (she sighed like Gabby), the worst part is that she had to break up a fight between her sister and a john. I asked her if her sister was workin too and she said no, but I didn't try to get into how her sister got into a fight with one of her customers. She then went with "God knows I can't do this anymore," and all that noise again. I asked her why she keeps taking the bus all the way up there for that and she let me know that her "friend" takes her up there, then her "friend" goes back up there and picks her up the next day. I know how friends work, but I don't know many that make 2 4-hour roundtrips every week leaving milwaukee for Green Bay! She made it known that her "friend" comes back to milwaukee after dropping her off because her "friend" has to go to work those nights. Then after the meeting she was in a hurry to leave because her "friend" was about to pick her up to give her a ride a day early. Man, it's hard out there for trick!

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