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219: Rhodesia, Somalia and Detroit

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  1. Gaby

    Just wanted to say that I was totally feeling that SWV song "Anything" back in the day. Yes, I wore my tank tops and baggy jeans (but no timerberlands, we was hecka poor). Now, I agree that SWV was a bit ratched, but, they were not too different from most of the girl groups of the early 90s, such as Excape, Total, Jade, etc. But, I could still bump to all of them, and will burn some SWV songs later in the day.

    As for the last meal for a death row inmate? YES!! Our judicial system is so corrupt, inefficient, biased, crooked, and full of tomfoolery and ratchedness that it makes Florida look like a bastion of progressiveness! Let the person who will be executed (sadly at times in error) have a last meal—-we have already paid $30,000 a year for their incarceration, so what does one meal, even if it costs a hundred dollars or more, really matter in the bigger scheme of things? On the real, a last meal is the least of things we should be discussing when it comes to the major issue of capital punishment (which I agree is needed in some cases—like Dahmer or Gacy, etc.), but NOT in others (such as the teenager Lee Malvo, etc., but that is another issue) and for the governor or warden or whomever, who decided to outlaw the last meal is just another example of the evils and bias within the penal system.

    Free Mumia and Free Leonard Peltier! 🙂

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