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  1. bokeen

    Yo Rod and Karen,

    Dan Wheldon's death is BOTH a tragedy and "just part of the job." It is a tragedy that he left behind his wife and two sons and, more notably, that he was racing when he had a family to leave behind to begin with; that shit's just too risky. Auto racing an exhibition of fools flirting with death and – make no mistake – that is the appeal to the fans. Racing fans claim that they watch for the race itself, but that's bullshit. They watch for the crashes. If they were interested in the race itself, NASCAR and IndyCar fans would be big into track and field. They are not because (1) their primarily interest is fiery crashes and (2) those redneck, whitebread chickenshit muhfuckas hate black folks and couldn't stand to watch Africans dominate a sport.

    Auto racing should just be banned altogether. Watching auto racing satisfies the same primal, violent instinct as that dog fighting or old-school gladiator battles. There's a reason that when you search "Dan Wheldon" Google suggests "Dan Wheldon crash," "Dan Wheldon Crash Video" as options #2 and #3. Sick fucks.

    Praise Tebow,


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