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Zombie Apocalypse Manifesto Part 1

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  1. Delphrano

    I've been reading "the Walking Dead" comics since they started, back in 2006, so i'm hip to all the tricks of the trade…this manifesto is friggin' perfect, i don't think i would change a single thing….u know what i was thinkin'…with a little tweaking here and there, this would make a good Alien Invasion Manifesto too!! Just think about it, i was watching that series, "Falling Skies" and even "V" or "War of the Worlds"…if niggas applied these rules and shit, things would've went a lot more smoother.

  2. Trevor

    Brilliant post Rod!! Especially the 'Wrap it up B!' part. I almost want to move to Charlotte if there's a zombie apocalypse because your crew would be on point. The next best thing would be to print this off like a memo and if you can't follow these rules, you can't be part of a crew I'm in. Thanks for introducing me to The Walking Dead with your tweets.

  3. Lalena

    The ZA will be the best excuse anyone's ever had to let their douche flag fly

  4. Kelly Thul

    Excellent. I would just add the importance of finding ways to play the Rolling Stones 'Underciver of the Night" as background music when thinning zombie hordes.

  5. Peoples Critic

    I would be leaving folks behind too. I'd add to the list Folks Who Can't Be Quiet. Surviving the apocalypse requires a certain amount of stealth.

  6. @Parkour_Lewis

    Welp, Rod, with this, you made the cut, you definitely have a spot on my ZA squad *daps*

  7. XNobleX

    Does part 2 include rules about sex? I'm caught up with all Walking Dead comics, and I've seen a lot of sex happen in these books. I don't think that I've read anything in these books about birth control, condoms, or even pulling out. You have to discuss sex, and it's consequences during the zombie apocalypse.

  8. Still_Bklyn

    Great Read! When's part 2 dropping?

  9. IMAQT (pronouce each

    So how about the Walking Dead episode where he sacrifices ol fat boy to use as bait so that he can get away from the zombies. Like you said Rod "people aint shit"

  10. CanCan

    The older I get, I turn more anti-pet anyway. If I had a lawn, I wouldn't let pets on it.
    Yeah I said it. I'm vegetarian too.

  11. Garrett Rogers

    I'm still LMAO at "Drake's zombie survivor unit". This is good & I agree w/ 99.9% of it.

  12. Adjective J

    I always imagine a highly trained dog which will attack a group of zombies and buy time for me to get away as being good for my solo survival act.

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