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235: The Zombie Manifesto Part 1

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  1. brotha noal

    I'd like to suggest a few for the list.


    Can you run? Hope so because you'll be doing quite a bit of it in the zombie apocalypse. Any if you aren't able run or even power walk 10 yards without getting winded, then you're done. And further more, If you're one of those long term smokers that's smoked yourself to the point of having to carry oxygen, then only thing you're good for is having the sharpshooter of the crew snipe your tank for an explosive diversion.

    2. smokaz

    What's the difference? a smoka is well…a dopefiend. Aint gonna be a need for a crack head in the zombie apocalypse. The only thing truly able to motivate a crackhead, WE won't have! For one, if you get tired of him or her stealing supplies and decide to send him on scout missions, he'll try to charge you for the data he's collected after he gets back. And don't send his ass on a scavenger mission, If he's not coming back with useless stuff like shoes, ipods and 55 inch flat screens (because only a crack will be able to do that in the ZA), he'll be searching bodies for rock .Plus a crackhead will get you killed, because once you get too use to your crackhead's shuffle, you mistake the next lone zombie for him and BAM, bite to your neck.

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