A Free Comedy Talk Show With the Motto - Nothing's Wrong If It's Funny

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast Live On Vokle at 5:30 pm EST! (Music at 5:15)

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  1. ProfessLCH

    Another fine show, even though Rod was a bit of a cranky pants; but, @SayDatAgain was a model of how to #HandleDatAzz, all silent sugar and sweet candy tones. You’d better LET your man unwind while working after work! LOL!

    BTW: my younger brother HATES strip clubs! He can’t take the smells (“perfume & stank” he calls it) & creeps out re: the germs & bodily fluids. When he first told me about it? I HOLLERED, especially since he was with some high-roller at an expensive Vegas “establishment” and was supposed to be impressed. NOT! But, this is also the same guy who, when he was young, thought the older “cool guys” were stupid for having a “main” woman for “regular” stuff and a “nasty side” woman for the “good” stuff. He never understood why the “top” girl couldn’t also be rolled into the “top” treats?!

    Love the show!!! Will listen again later, to get the drippins!

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