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252: Why Do White People Love Horses?

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  1. Miss Krysable

    If I could put a title on this comment it would be “3 minutes 48.23 seconds”

    Dang Karen did you give Rod that Preparation H for his hurting butt? All I did was express a crazy dream I had about yall and for approximately 3 minutes 48.23 seconds Rod went off about folks passively agressively trying to baby yall up. Bottom line I listened to a TBGWT episode and passed out, a few hours before then I was shopping for a baby shower and that equaled yall having a baby in my dream. My dream self was confused so that was when I started trolling yall for being annoying happy new parents showing off the baby pics when noone asked. I bet yall car in my dream had those annoying stick figure stickers in the back of the car and a baby on board bumper sticker.
    Also when I was in Charlotte I supported the mini Kid Free Zone movement (by supporting I mean reading articles and watching news segments about it and nodding). It blew my mind when folks would bring their kids in the bars. I know I brought my son in the liquor store a couple times but that’s because liquor stores close 9PM Monday – Saturday in Connecticut and because folks were coming over that evening. But over all I wont watch Dexter and then fall asleep listening to yall. The last time I dreamed about people I dont know it was really just fantasizing about Aaron Rand Freeman, but that stopped when I brought my ex to a Blacking It Up event and he was like “Who that tall, dark-skinned nigga with the dreads and glasses looking like my dude Benny?” it was like he was in my mind…

    Sorry for the long post I wanted to call on Saturday but I got class and I gotta take yall advice and pull the girls out to seal the deal with this dude in my class. Wish me luck!

  2. Pope Snogginheim

    I voted for Tom because he was doing his job, but can I be Team Tom And Jerry’s Black Mammy?

    • Miss Krysable

      Agreed Pope. Why wont folks let Tom cook…Jerry. He’s a cat, that’s why they brought him in the house in the first place to kill and eat rodents ie meeses. It is literally like a pack of bacon taunting you and punking you day in and day out and you’re like Im not Jewish, Im not Muslim, I luvs bacon and if bacon taunted me everyday I would cut a monkey each and every time!

      Let Tom Cook 2012!

  3. 9DeuceSupreme

    Shoutout to #TeamTom!!! Rebecca I see you! I like how you left out how Jerry got Tom killed in that castle by the guillotine. Jerry is like the little kid at the playground that messed with everyone and always fell back on his big brother with steroids. Tom was on his Under Armour shit! He must protect his house!!!

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