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Sunday Night Lights

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  1. @mrteebeeess

    Rod this was an awesome essay. I too am a FNL fan. I thought that Vince’s dad was the quintessential FNL character. He was flawed, but he had love for his boy. He couldn’t be pigeonholed as a “bad” guy.

    I have mixed emotions on NCAA football. I’m the parent of a division 1 football player, so I see both sides of the coin. My son will most probably never make the NFL. He is a political science major who hopes to parlay his education into a slot in law school. People don’t know about the sacrifices that the kids have to make. My boy was offered an internship at CNN here in Atlanta last summer, but he couldn’t take it because he was required to go to summer school and to attend “voluntary” summer workouts. He can’t get a part time job. Now, I can afford to send him money every month and to buy plane tickets home, but what about the kids who can’t? My boy often tells the story of football players who borrow the meal cards of students on the unlimited plan. At least they get that education!

    I’m old and nostalgic. I still love to hear the alma mater’s and see the bands play on Saturday. But I still have this nagging feeling as I watch the spectacle. These kids need to be PAID!

  2. DQ

    I understand the folks that resent that black quarterbacks never got the chance that Tebow is getting. I just don’t see why folks direct that at Tebow. Direct it at the beat writers and sports analysts; they are the ones being inconsistent. All Tebow is trying to do is win.

  3. Trevor

    Great post Rod! I will never understand people who root against Tebow and want him to fail week after week. This is so unconventional, it should be embraced. Another porn/sex analogy is that A-Tee-ists (or however you spell it) seem like people that only like missionary position sex. In football, these fans only want to see typical drop back passers like Rodgers, Brees, Brady etc. I mean these guys are great to watch but isn’t it exciting to see or experience something different? Doggystyle? Cowgirl? Reverse cowgirl? Hahaha. I mean C’MON MAN! Isn’t this what sports is all bout?????

  4. justin

    I love the let me have my distraction from sports…

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