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262: The Gift Of Gaby

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  1. Gaby

    First off, props to Clout2k, as he or she brought up good points—The cat has the run of the house, not the mouse. Aside from that, I don’t remember a whole lot about their situation.

    What is Lu Bu and why should we not pursue it?

    Keep up the great podcasting. Also, though there may be some who do not like my wordiness in my voicemails, posts, etc., you gotta acknowledge that I bring a lil sumthin sumthin to the podcast….after all, I , or my name, or my cray cray voicemails have been part of the title of a Podcast example…For example— The 10 Cheese Commandments, Wooing Diabla, and now, The Gift of Gaby. 🙂

    Yes, it is true that some of us who are melanin challenged but rep the Motherland like no other (Mandela! Mandela!) can bring a bit of funniness and laughs to an already great podcast. 🙂

    • Aaron Foster

      I’m a guy (sup ladies, oh… hi honey) and you don’t pursue Lu Bu because it never ends well.

      Pictured: Lu Bu on a day off from work.

      Keep doing your thing though Gabs its cool how accessible this show (and the hosts) is to the fans and I’ve enjoyed your contribution. Let your voice be heard. I can’t post twice on this episode though without acknowledging Chill going ham on dude. That was brutal.

      – Do not pursue Chill either

  2. Clout2k

    I wasn’t going to go into the whole tom and jerry thing but gabby brought it out i’mma go ahead with it. Shout out to gabby for taking that red pill and leaving the matrix in the middle there.

    Here’s my perspective on the matter. The owners bought or otherwise obtained that cat. The mouse just showed up. End of story. The cat is clear to do whatever the fuck he wants to do with the mouse inside his jurisdiction.

    Welcome back to podcasting missed ya’ll, glad everything went well with the surgery, keep watching the wire Karen that shit is the shit, and kill them all.

    – Do not pursue Lu Bu

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