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265: What Happened To The Dog Though?

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  1. lever

    Waiting for you to name your shows is almost as fun as listening to the shows! This name is friggin’ HILARIOUS! Don’t know how you decide ’em; but, the wit, yo…!

    Funny, Funny, Funny…..

  2. Miss Krysable

    Dang it Rod & Karen!

    Yall good, yall must’ve known that I had some spare change in my bank account showing me some luv and what not on the feedback show *Gabby sigh*. I just bought an “Up Top” tee so now when I’m all booty shaky at Zumba and downward dogging in yoga, the dirty dudes peeping into the class will know to tip when the class is over. NPR needs to take lessons from Rod & Karen cuz they still aint getting my money!

    As far as the crazy roommate stories. I thought my story would be lame that’s why I didn’t share but yall stories were kinda lame compared to mine! Freshman year at UConn first day dis chunky, white trailer park trashy chick shows me her sliced up arms and belly talking about she’s a cutter. I translated that as in I can’t ever be mean to her cuz if she kills herself it would be my fault. I was very patient with her I think for a good month cuz if you never been exposed to black people like that curiosity is normal, but after a while I would just give her the blank stare o__0 because i think side eye would have been too mean. I think I started doing that after she looked at my side of the wall talking bout some “Why do you only have black people on your wall?” Mind you her side was full of them Xena Warrior Princess in the style of them old school van painted viking white people, blank stare. Blasting Papa Roach with the sub-wolfers at 2AM blank stare.

    She caught on to my condescending uppity negro tone my response, blank stare. A big annoyance for me was when the crackers (including my roomie) would assume that me and my friends got into the school either for sports (Go Huskies) or because we were financial aid affirmative action babies. Blew their minds when I told them my folks made too much money for me to get financial aid (being all happily married n what not made me miss out on that sweet gubment money) and that in addition to them paying I had private scholarships, grants and worked.

    My homegirl and her BFF were rooming together, when my homegirl’s sister moved into our building and homegirl moved with her. I counted down to the seconds to when she tell me that she’ll be moving in with her BFF. She must’ve thought I would be offended…Hell naw I had half her shit packed up by then and happily helped her move her stuff down the hall. So basically for over half of my freshman year I had a single in a newly renovated dorm Up top ya’ll!

  3. tamak

    Yo, good lookin for the title of the show – Im honored, Y’all.

    Dog is fine yo – all is well. Next time I catch him ’bout to shit on my carpet I’m gonna field goal kick his ass though. Just kiddin yo.

  4. jprojectz

    sup yall! love the show.ya’ll comedic timing is on PIDDOINT! i jus saw haywire today: absolutely loved it!! the absence of music in the fight scenes was fantastic. aight lemme stop there. keep up da good work ya’ll!

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