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266: Don’t Blame The Victim

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  1. Gary The Greenhead

    With Kobe I happened to have read the entire transcript from the night the PD interviewed him. That pussy fell directly onto his dick. She was the desk girl, she told the bellhop to stand down and brought up his shit, then gave him a tour of the hotel. When the tour got to the elevator she said “You wanna see my tattoo?” and lifted her dress up to show him a tattoo on her back, showing her thong and getting him thinking. She then says “let me show you in your room how the bears come up to your window.” She goes into her room and attacks him. The chick had different sperm samples on the underwear she gave to the police. Kobe never finished. He said he asked if he could finish on her face, and that was the only time she said no. He showed them the towel he used to finish. He was 100% honest with the police and all he’s guilty of being is a cheater, which in itself is a bad thing, but don’t lump him in with a rapist. You’re way off base and go read the shit if you don’t believe me. The entire time his handlers were trying to pull him away from the police because he didn’t have to say what he was saying, he had the right to remain silent. Anyways if any of y’all are thinking I’m defending rape or whatever fuck you and yo mothafuckin mamma. And I’m a Sixers fan who thinks Kobe is a bitch. I just HATE when people fuck up facts as time passes. And stop hating on Sir Charles motherfucker.

  2. ANON




    People still paying this fool???!???

  3. @mrteebeeess

    I in total agreement with J. They make this stuff called lotion, and they also have this stuff called porn. Get over yourself rapist. No means no even to Delishus’ pseudo pimp husband.

  4. Jack Murray

    Listening to you all talk about Charles Barkley and promoting products in general. One thing that popped directly into my head is can you (the product pushers) smile in both the before and after pictures? How come in the before pic she’s got one tooth, no makeup on, hairs not done, standing there in some ridiculous fat people spandex all tight lipped and depressed? Then in the after pic she’s all done up, had a complete makeover, smiling ear to ear like someone just threw her the D! That’s some bullshit.

  5. j-full

    I just want to say that Deelishis’ husband is a dirtbag. There isn’t a single scenario where a woman deserves to get raped. Any guy that’s ever played the field has probably had a time where he thought he was gonna get laid and ish didn’t go down. Listen, we all know that kinda shit sucks. You thought you were gonna get in the magical love nest but she wasn’t down for it. This actually happened to me the one time i messed wit a white woman. Of course i was annoyed but guess what, you beat your dick and live to smash another day. But some of these dirtbags out here think that just cuz a chick wants to go to second base that they’re entitled to slide into homeplate. And those are the guys who end up in jail with Fleece Johnson trying to keep other dirtbags out their poop chute. Deelishis’ dumbass needs to seriously exam her life and why she would marry an ain’t shit nigga like she did. But then again she was kissing flava flav on tv so she can’t possibly be too smart. But between her husband’s comments and one of the assholes in the vokle chat i was thoroughly disgusted.

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