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269: Setting Black People Back in 2011

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  1. ProfessLCH

    Loved your guests; they were fun; do have them back.

    You really could’ve spent the entire show on the list, BTW. The pre-list show was interesting in and of itself; however, the list portion coulda/shoulda/wish it woulda been longer! This episode: clearly two shows in one!

    And I’ve been wanting steak since this show. Medium. Though I can’t say that my childhood steak experiences were like Karen’s and though I didn’t cry at my first medium rare steak? I can say that my sainted mother’s hard-cooked LIVER almost destroyed me. There is NO A-1 Sauce for liver, soooo…. Only when I got out of the house did I ever experience the pleasure of eating liver (and onions, yup: go hard or go home) that you can cut with a fork. YUM!!!! Although I haven’t eaten liver in years, if I choose to do so, I’ve learned to cook it scrumptiously.

    There are historic reasons for certain groups overcooking food and especially meat, I’m sure you know, that are rooted in the subjugation: those enslaved, Jim Crowed, ghettoized, and underclassed have always received the picked-over and leftovers, the old, the nearly rotting, the diseased. Overcooking historically has been seen as a way to make the best of the worst, an attempt to destroy via the power of heat and fire the nastiness that would weaken or kill upon ingestion. Better selection of better options allows for more security in one’s food and its safe consumption.

    Another enjoyable episode packed with too much goodness to comment on it all.

    Pizza DOES sell itself,

    ProfessLCH, aka “Smilodon”

    P.S.: I think I need a TBGWT shot glass. If I get one, can I be deemed the Official Sabertooth of the show?

  2. jprojectz

    yo,big ups ya’ll! great show,as always, BUT just two things. one im totally as appalled n disgusted as u n karen: the lady who doused her daughter in pepper spray. wut in the living,whole entire F*CK was she thinking!! and it was a black woman?! thats sad. she couldnt have been no older than 30 or sum shit cuz i could totally see onea these youngns doin this shit n thinkin its a good idea(im 28 btw im jus sayin’). the other is LEAVE TYRESE ALONE!! he is a singer, a “rapper” (shout out to black ty), and an “actor”(remember his oscar worthy performance in baby boy?). that man is a true thespian and multifaceted entertainer! stop hatin n let him fly!!:-P.aight im done. keep it up yall. n rod,LUV yo call ins to the afterblack, have me diein ertime!!

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