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Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

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  1. Miss Krysable

    I love the song, I love the video. You’re right it is all about control and being in the drivers seat. But do you want to know my favorite part of the video, the Hot Cheetos Mr Glover was eating.

  2. RichJones15

    Awesome breakdown sir!!!

  3. Everest Arnstrong

    Rod this was a great read!!! I love how you broke down the video and ur explanation gave me a btr understanding of the song and the video. Childish gambino is a really artistic dude and this makes me more excited to see him live.

  4. tacosalad

    had one of those moments reading this post “you know what, you know you right” great post man

  5. MudSlinger

    Awesome interpretation Rod. It’s much better than my own. I thought that it was a reinactment of the “Eddie Murphy picking up transsexuals” scandal. That was based upon the dated clothes and car.

  6. Regine Gustave

    great post! i totally didn’t get that video before

  7. DrefromLA

    Fantastic analysis of the video and getting a deeper meaning of a good song. Good work man.

  8. Malcolm Edgecombe

    I would expect this from CG. Bouncing around in a nightclub or soundstage wouldn’t have done this song justice. The storytelling video is a lost art.

  9. SimplyMeRenee

    I, like you, did not fully understand this song until after seeing the video. A lightbulb went off like “hey! THAT’S what he’s talking about!” I love your analysis.

  10. ashley

    hey Rod!! you were the salt in my pot of water that led to my boiling affection for Donald Glover… love your analysis!! You should do more posts like this one =]

    bye Rod!!

    Hey Karen!!

  11. UnavowedGenius

    Rod your breakdown is excellent. Most insightful dude I that I (fake) know. And this vid is simply genius. When I posted the Heartbreak vid on my blog a few days ago, I only put one word: Genius. This is a great explanation of that. I fux wit you dude. For real.

  12. Charm

    I agree, the video adds to the depth of the song. Great post

  13. Tye Diamond

    Great post and hopefully more people can get and appreciate the genius of Mr. Gambino. I kinda got some of the tones from the music but the video went over my head. Glad you broke it down.

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