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273: Will and Justin Unchained

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  1. Chandygurl

    Okay so I’ve listened to the show and….Damn!! Will and Justin came back with a vengeance. Whew!! They were ratchet as shit!! Whoa!! I don’t think I was ready. But it was still good. Yes Rod, I ain’t shit.

  2. Gaby official biracial gal

    Hi Rod and Karen…you mentioned on the show an insurance company in BBC that wants to track driving habits. If you check out Progressive and their spokesperson, “Flo”, they have something called “Snapshot” and you plug in into your dashboard and it appears to track your driving habits in order to determine your insurance rate. I think their “snapshot” program may only be for a week…so, the BBCs insurance program doesn’t may be following Progressive’s. 🙁

    More info about privacy concerns in this article – http://www.insurance-advocate.com/Smileand-Say-Surcharge-c1183.html

  3. ProfessLCH

    (FYI: I didn’t vote in the poll because I didn’t come to know your show with these two; I came to TBGWT without them.)

    Rod: you can NEVER go wrong with an Acme Corporation reference; it’s a cheap laugh that I will always give up. When I teach, I tell my students “It stinks to be dead, literally and figuratively,” it’s because you can’t testify about what REALLY happened at trial and your killer (or his/her peeps) CAN and SHALL.Guess who’s going to be the bad gal/guy if there weren’t witnesses to the ultimate act? Your dead azz, that’s who (throwing a pillow out of the window?)!

    Rod: I didn’t realize it, but I, too, must have a Fox News test, lol! About a month ago, I went to my dealer for repairs and told one of service techs there to turn the station to ANYTHING other than Fox; I didn’t care what, as Fox was going buck wild on something or other; I refused to sit there and take it. I went back a week ago and, ta-daaa! NO FOX. That’ll guarantee them at least one more visit & a few more dollars for their overpriced work. Now, as soon as the 5:00 p.m. whistle blows, I’m sure they all change into their freshly starched white sheets for an evening of cross burnings and racial profiling. Still. Keep that ISH outta my face when I’m paying for your work (vs. political views).

    Rod: when a woman slides fingers into a man, it’s not homo, it’s hetero. Actually, it’s JUST SEX. To paraphrase TBGWT’s slogan? It’s sex if it feels good! That’s why I LOL-ed at your “disgusted” continued P.O.V. viewing! And, BTW, you’d be surprised how many men enjoy in private what they crap on in public. Next time you’re with a group of guys (and by “group,” I mean two or more others)? Just look around; I’d venture to guess that at least 1/3 try it and like it (on the regular). Fingers have been HAD. Take a poll, let the women answer it (I’m sure the gay guys can confirm this, too, from their “straight” lovers).

    I’ll be on the road Saturday; alas. However, I will try to listen to the Feedback show as I drive. You always clown me right (and, Karen gets me)!

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