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274: Pimps Up Pimps Up

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  1. Gaby

    Hey Rod and Karen! Great podcast as always!!

    I think Chill is cool and we would probably have a funny a** conversation. I wouldn’t be crying in the corner or anything like that…just sayin. I mean, I’m light skinned, but don’t get it twisted….

    Anyways, I realized after hearing you and another listener say they didn’t understand what I was saying, that I need to 1) use a better headset and jot down what I am want to say, 2) enunciate my words better as I tend to talk really fast and mumbly and 3) I need to use better examples, as even though I love NatGeo and loved learning about the life cycle of the elephant, not everyone knows or wants to know and so, my references to such topics can come across as just not making any dang sense. Sigh. That is just my nerdom and spending too much time reading books on the playground side coming out.

    Big ups to Hollywood Larion (who also has a great voice) and to all the cool news and ratchedness that yall share with the world. 🙂

    And I agree with Karen—-that father chasing after a thief who stole from Best Buy–with a sword—is an IDIOT!! I am all for protecting yourself or your family, but there was a higher chance dude was going to get hit on the free way versus actually catching the guy. Sigh. And for what? Some overpriced electronics? (I always say that Best Buy REALLY isn’t the best buy when you actually do some price comparison shopping– Up top to all my budget concious peeps!) Peace.

  2. Dazzmond

    Nothing is wrong if its funny, but some of these people talking about Whitney Houston think “mean” equals “funny”. The same people who won’t let the Chris Brown and Michael Vick shit go, and probably think that Elvis is the “king”, when Elvis’s fat, funky pill-headed tail expired on the commode and landed face down in upchuck!

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