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Linstitutionalized Racism

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  1. LeeJ

    I’m so glad I found your post. It truly is an insightful analysis that puts the media’s coverage of Lin into context. My favorite part is where you spell out how people are not celebrating Lin for the race that he is, but rather for the race that he isn’t. Knick crowds always seem to go crazy for every white player who stumbles onto the court (Gallo isn’t anybody’s savior), so I wasn’t really surprised that Lin would attract some favorable attention. I never imagined that the rest of the world would leap onto this train as well.

    It strikes me as odd that there is so little willingness on the part of sports writers to do any critical thinking with Lin’s rise to success. I think he is a very good player, but more so, I think he came along at just the right time. The lockout created not only bitter feelings among the fans towards the players, it also limited the amount of time players could train and reduced the time they could rest between games. Fans don’t immediately associate someone who looks like Lin with the typical NBA player that they have come to resent, so that’s a plus for him. Lin also wasn’t as worn down by the schedule as were his teammates and opponents. Good timing. I also have some questions about who D’Antoni can coach and who he dismisses, but that’s another matter.

    Again, thanks for the great read. I’ll be back.

  2. Canuckduke

    I find the Lin story to be very Lintriguing (damn!), it goes to prove that if given a chance, damn near anyone can make it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the over-analysis from The Worldwide leader. Let ESPN tell it, and you’d think nothing else happened in NBA. Excellent write-up Rod, lookin forward to the others in the future.

  3. Lonzo Harris Jr

    Point. Rod.

    Awesome summation.

  4. Steve_Not_Chad

    Great article. I am so happy you mention liking Lin because of the underdog aspect of his success (which is why I like him). You also pointed out the unfairness of the media blowing up the Jeremy Lin story because he is Asian and from Harvard. While there are far more success stories in the NBA involving African-American players. However, the thing with that is doing research on multiple athletes, and there rise to success, would bring an end to the media groupthink that we are stuck with these days. I’m mean they(the media) flowed nicely from Tebow to Lin, next stop somebody in the NCAA Tournament, then onto Luck vs.RG3 (which is going to be shameful).

    One last thing, why does calling Luis Scola a “Spaniard” make him sound diabolical?

    You are doing a great job, keep it up.

  5. Classick Material

    Excellent write-up, Rod. And thank you for calling us “enthusiastic” and not “thirsty”, seems to be the cool thing to do these days.

    – Classick, Knicks fan.

  6. Derrick

    Hi Rod:

    I agree to an extent that the media is hyping Lin. And that most players in the NBA are American sucess stories. Is the fact the Lin is an Asian American adding fuel to the fire. Definately!!! But if Lin were a black ball player and the circumstances were the same, I beleive there would still be mass hype over him. But it would only be about 60% of what it is now. Blame it on society, but black ball players are assumed to be good to great players. The fact that Lin is Asian makes it more of story, because, historically, they have not been dominant in American sports. I would almost compare Lin to Tiger Woods, when he won the masters and dominated professional golf for the better part of a decade. The fact that Woods is black made him the same type of novelty that Lin is, because golf is a sport that has been predominatley dominated white players. Woods for better or worse became a novelty act. But I garauntee you that the other players on tour love Woods, because he more than doubled their income. Money always talks.

    Having said all of that, I am a brother that is on the Lin bandwagon. The kid is straight ballin. I hope that he keeps playing well, and I hope he continues to have much sucess.

  7. RichJones15

    Damn,,,This summarizes my whole thought process…#TBGWT4Life One.

  8. jbowman

    Im the biggest knick fan I know so im all for Lin. Anything beats watching marbury, francis or even tony douglas. One thing u didn’t discuss was how fast media trys to bring you down after placing you on top of world.

  9. Dazzmond


  10. Peoples Critic

    I couldn’t agree more. Hypocrisy in sports has been going on for years. Social media and 24 sports news has put a big magnifying glass on it. It’s part of this “we want it now” generation. Instead of letting the Lin story develop, they already have cookie cutter story lines to shove down America’s throat before we even learn a thing about Lin.

    Good post! Keep it up

  11. Co Co

    Thanks for this Rod. I’ve been talking about this with friends for days. Since this “magical story” started writers have been taking veiled shots at the established superstars in the league in their efforts to praise Lin. It’s completely unnecessary. Also, I’m a little thrown by people harping on the whole “he slept on his brother’s couch” thing. Has anyone bothered to ask why? Are we now acting like minimum wage in the NBA isn’t enough to pay rent somewhere? I just don’t understand why no one’s asked. Anyway, good stuff. I’ll definitely share this article.

  12. Justin Dahl

    Great article. I enjoyed your take on this whole J-Lin situation. Personally I love it. It seems like a story that is genuine and not contrived (read Tebow). Maybe ESPN et al will bury us in coverage but for now I dig it.

  13. Sotaslim651

    Fable attempt rod, you dove in this harder then michal phelps in a bong load…(we haven’t forgotten that ish white people) anyway I dig your take on this lintastic lunacy.

  14. TMAJE93

    very well written. agree with all points

  15. Dajackyl

    Well put Rod,I think the media has a way of slanting the narrative to the point where if you aren’t a fan of Lin or Tebow or any other of their “feel good” story of the moment you must be a hater, I find that’s insulting as the stupid ass headlines and comparisons they use to describe this Shit, anyway Great Post Love your work dog Big Fan. Peace……

  16. Gaby

    I agree that the mainstream news media has been really ratchet and racist with their portrayal of Lin. I rarely watch basketball, but even I have seen the news about them using his face near a fortune cookie and saying he is good for the team. SMH. That is just ratched and foul. If we used any other group and put them next to their stereotypical favorite food, all hell would break loose.

    I mean, do these news casters and writers even realize Lin is from the U.S.? All the -ish they want to joke about is really irrelevant, considering homeboy has a degree from Harvard in economics and can run circles around most of us, both on and off the field.

    Keep up the great work Rod and Karen. And keep the sword ratchedness stories coming! 🙂

  17. Noob456


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