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278: Styling And Profiling

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  1. Will G

    Second hand white privileged… LMBAO…. too too funny …. I too often frequent the white part of town… Love the podcast.. I wish yall much success

  2. Clout2k

    Cleveland Heights in the building… for some dumb shit. Given the 14 and up murder requirement she was probably trying to target high schoolers at the high school near there which makes sense, that school produces assholes.

    Rant time:
    Speaking of murdering high school kids. I hope the recent school shooting in Chardon, OH wakes people up to the fact that it doesn’t matter where your high school is, that shit can happen. Without knowing much about the story I can guess it involved a dude getting picked on just one too many times and feeling like he had to do something about it. Not blaming the victim but in the future leave the weird, mentally unbalanced kids alone. Just as a rule I don’t mess with people who has less to lose than me, they should seriously teach that in school. I just hope that our fucking state politicians doesn’t try and turn this into argument for everyone in schools having guns.

    Good show, glad everything worked out for Mr. Spann.

  3. ANON


    Im from Chicago and the PO-lice are sooooo scared of _______ with guns its ridiculous….That is why IL is the only state with a no carry law. Im surprised after scanning that license plate, the helicopter, swat team and every other POLICE in that district wasn’t on Mr Spann. They stay getting shot or accidently shooting somebody. Just this past weekend an officer shot himself after chasing a car full of guys with guns after the car ran into a gate and like a slingshot the car shot back and his ass shot himself in the leg…. why would you alone chase a car running from you…I would have called that shit in so fast…yall better get them fools!!

    Anywho, I have a great netflix movie…Prince of Broadway… the only thing I will say about this film is it had to be the movie Lee Daniels (Precious) shot before he found the Precious Book to jump start his career!!! Cursing at a baby….Funny as hell!!!!

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