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279: The “Breit” Side Of Death

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  1. Rekkapryde

    Even time I look at that fuckin picture of Jaheim’s suit,I just shake my head fam…..
    Can’t take niggaz nowhere.

  2. Timonious

    What up Rod? What up Karen? I agree with Karen that the negative response that Jaheim got was because everybody on twitter are self proclaimed roast champions. But I also believe that Jaheim’s tackiness is to blame as well. Jaheim was on some low key attention whorin shit by wearing that abomination to the funeral. I mean come on…. everybody knows its common to wear dark colored clothes at a funeral to signify mourning. The brotha wanted to capitalize on a funeral to get people talking about him again and they did. He just didn’t get the kind of attention he was expecting. I mean how you gonna take high school Potraits of Loretta photos in front of people that are mourning over a lost. This nigga look like he was modeling for one of those old school church fans. How dare you Jaheim stroll up to a funeral with a Willy Wonka suit and not bring chocolate for everybody. Im surprise PETA wasn’t out raged when they saw the pics. Because it looked like the nigga skinned Grimace from McDonalds and made a suit out of his ass. But thats assuming Grimace is an animal. What is Grimace by the way? You know what never mind I don’t want to go off into a Gabby rant so Ill end my comment now.

  3. C-Moe

    There is a reason the motto is “Nothing’s wrong if its funny” and as far as anyone knows that particular grown-up dressed himself.

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