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280: Take A Chill Pill

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  1. Gaby

    As always, big props to Rod and Karen for another great edition of TBGWTs! Listening to Chill was hilarious, and had me laughing out loud, cause my friend to give me a side eye like I was cray cray….I tried to explain the discussion about how a man’s 2nd brain isn’t his friend, and I think it was Mr. Moody who said he asked Him if he cared for him, (notice the lowercase h for Mr. Moody and the uppercase H for his junk), and how He responded with a “No. It’s all about me!” I was rolling!! Too funny!! I also told my friend how the podcast listeners were saying that I needed to get a man, Lol. It was hilarious!! Naw, people…even with a man, I would still be my over analyzing, hyper, obscure fact knowing chick. 🙂 who loves grits.

    Me thinks that Karen was probably blushing a little bit when Chill was discussing colors and tastes and how the P has so much power!! Was she, Rod? Cause that conversation got a little heated (but in a good way).

    Keep up the great work!! 🙂

  2. J-Full

    When I was in a foster home as a young child we were forbidden to listen to rap music. We weren’t allowed to even watch the simpsons and stuff like that. We used to go to church like 5 times a week and to 3 services on sundays. Anyway one time my sister picked me up for a visit and she was playing 2 live crew. i loooooved it. But her son, my nephew, was a little snitch. He went and told our foster mother that I was listening to rap. Man i got my ass beat like i lost my freedom papers while smashing a white woman.

  3. ANON


    NO ROD I wasn’t talking about Precious being funny. I justy added in Precious as a reference to Lee Daniels so you would know who I was referring to… I was talking about Prince of Broadway being funny because it is about an an African immigrant in America selling fake handbangs…when a latino girl he banged comes to the store and leaves the a light bright baby she says is his…the whole movie is HILarious…he curses at the baby through the whole movie….shut the fuck up… I was like Lee Daniels ….SIR… SIR…this is a ball of fuckery if i ever seen one…

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