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282: For Sh!ts And Giggles

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  1. ninth504

    Up top for your discussion on the Saints “bounty gate”. One of the issues I have is how Roger Goodell gets more powerful with every infraction he disciplines. The media is crying for Goodell to punish the Saints more severely than he did the Patriots. First, the Patriots actually cheated and second, you can’t escalate penalties when the two infractions are completely unrelated. When will Goodell stop and who has the power to stop him?

    Great show as usual!


  2. Al Carlton

    Great episode guys. I have to say I agree with Karen, the government is giving me my money until they cut me off. I don’t care if I just won the lottery, that’s my money. Quick question: is there an official light skin brotha of the show? If not, you’re probably going to have one soon.

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