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285: Attack On The Foams

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  1. ninth504

    I have a comment on the whole venmo and privacy issue. My brother bought a pretty expensive car stereo and it had an iPhone input and Facebook app. Well, since he switched from apple to android he asked me to plug my phone in to check out the Facebook feature. We check it out, and a few minutes later I get a strange Facebook message saying, “I used to stay right around the corner from there.” Puzzled, I check my wall and see that the radio’s Facebook app posted on my wall that I was using this pretty expensive car stereo and the intersection I was on. Who thought this was a good idea to tell the world exactly what you have in your car and where that car is?

  2. quincy

    I remember when you just had twitter on donate your account options. You said you’d never post crazy shit to the wall. Then the Facebook option opened up, and I got a pic of a big juicy ass on my wall for the world to see. It was a couple of weeks of that shit! I live in the bible belt, I got a few in boxes, I’d tell ’em, “Hell, I’m offended, too! But did you listen to that shit?!” The answer would always be “yes”. Did you enjoy it? “yes”. And the conversation would turn to a particular episode. I ain’t mad, neither are they. We both learned, “more flies on the wall when ass is involved.” I respect your decision to take Booty Pics and Jokes off the main page. Few weeks ago, “Blacking it up” had a post on MY WALL entitled “Problematic Vaginas” Immediately followed by TBGWT bare round ass on my wall, nobody unfriended me, and I benefited some. Do your thing. be provocative.

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