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287: The Jack Attack

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  1. ANON

    Alexandra Pelosi on Bill Maher: Welfare Queens and Mississippi Rednecks …speak on this ROD…it was ratchett the way both sides (DEMS: welfare queens & REPUBS: MIS rednecks) did OBAMA..”I like OBAMA because he gives me stuff…Im not looking for a job maybe a career” I put my head down in shame!!! SMH

  2. t_hilla

    The guy was Hispanic (white hispanic if you stick to the census).

  3. mayorofshadyville

    That was way too long sorry guys but this case just gets to me as it should everyone who reads the facts. So fucked up, it’s beyond comprehension. But seriously tweet out there if you have the local PD pressers, I haven’t seen shit.

  4. mayorofshadyville

    I haven’t heard what the police chief has said, do you guys have the link? Because I think the arriving officer, the detectives on scene, the Chief of Police, the District Attorney, the councilman, the mayor, the house of fucking representative, the senators, the governor, they all should lose their fucking jobs. Shame on all of you. I am a mayo loving cheese eater and I swear this is the shit that pisses me off.
    We are talking about a wild eyed vigilante gunning down an innocent pedestrian holding groceries. Witnesses state they hear pleading from a young man, a gun shot, and silence. The girl Tray was talking to on the phone said he said “some dude is following me, and I’m scared.” And she advised him to run. He was where he was supposed to be, doing whatever the fuck he wanted and they call the murder “self defense” This just tugs at my heart. He was studdering and distant after he cocked that gun in the end, because he knew he was going to cap him. I could write volumes on this shit but the discussion you all had was spot on. OH shit I wrote that before I heard that news story. I been tweeting for a minute about a “vigilante gunning down a teen” news guy shoulda threw me a hat tip. And it don’t matter if he was the Jolly Green Giant, he has no right to put a bullet in him in cold blood. I think it’s going to come out that that narc is like a cousin or his godfather or some relationship that is hard to track down, yet he has a defender.

  5. ashley

    yo… i remember learning about a slave who DID try and ship himself to freedom!! (in a crate on the train for 2 weeks) needless to say they shipped his black butt back (i think… but actually if he didn’t make it we wouldn’t have heard about it… you know niggas gotta brag). BUT he tried. therefore, your “FedEx Express to Freedom” is [VALID]

    <3 the official Scientist of TBGWT

    P.S. the GOP have failed! i got into grad school!!! bout to be UPPERcase Official [=

  6. Classick Material

    Re: gender roles… this is why the homie Stacy from Brooklyn is an American Hero. Dude got grown women outside mowing his lawn. Meanwhile, let a spider show up in my place, all I hear is “Kill it! Kill it!” like she don’t know how to swing a shoe.

  7. Joel

    I don’t understand why the white guy/gun didn’t turn himself in …. there is an amazing amount of pressure to seek mercy by the court and get the best lawyer possible. I’d fear getting my ass beat in jail than what will happen to him walking the street.

    I also think him or his family have a direct relationship with the police – either a higher level cop is married to one of their kin fork or a similar scenario. To not perform their job is problematic.

    Now, I can’t wait to get a solicitor call from the police union seeking financial support. While I normally hang up (WTF – stop bothering me), I got something to discuss.

    I hate the local news in general but this is proper journalism.

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